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Directors: Max Dementor [Director] ,

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A woman who is struggling with the conflict between her faith and her personal life must defend herself against the spirit of a demonic nun who is bent on destroying her.


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This is great!

There's a new worst movie ever made, and it is called Conjuring the devil.

An Interpretation of Catholicism Not Taught in Sunday School !

In this partially Giallo-Like Flik , Director Max Dementor brings forth a Demonic Nun to Further the Mission of the Church in a Seemingly Happy Parish !The Star of the Film is Rebekah Madebach , who portrays the Loving 'Kate' , who resides with her Lesbian Lover 'Tara' in near perfect Harmony . Ravishing Ryan Natalino is the Unbelieving Tara .The Cordial & Accepting Parish Priest 'Father Dalton' is portrayed by Nick Dematteo , who's being relieved of his duties by Ken Driesslein as 'Monsignor Brock' , a particularly loathsome character .Some of the other Parishioners caught up in this Conjured-Up Nun's Reign of Hellfire include : The BreathTakingly Beautiful , with a Long Acting Career ahead of Her , April Love as "Sarah' , who's had a problematic abortion , Maria De Jesus Castellon as the Lovely & Shapely 'Lydia' , Allegra Ashton as the doubtful 'Diane' , & the two latent lovers : Alla Fine as 'Alice' & Gaurab Bhattacharjee as 'Dean' .Then there's Darren Barcomb as 'Curt The EMT' , Gene Dinapoli as 'Detective Swanson' , & Rob Becerra as the Vomit-Prone 'Officer Burns' .Bewitchingly Pleasing Colleen Ann White Sheds Her Beauty to play that Nastiest of All Nuns , 'Sister Lucretia Bonaventure' , in a SpellBinding Performance !Now this Highly Irreverent work of art may not be for the Faint-Of-Heart or the Ecumenically Inclined , It's a Must See for All of US Seekers of Horror & a Demonically Induced State of Mind !

I want ralphthemoviemaker or mista gg to review this

What the hell America????,this has to be a spoof or a parody or something right well that's y I think it'd be a good idea for any of the people in the title to review the movie
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