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Biography | Drama
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24 fps
Portuguese 5.1  
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109 min
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7.3 / 10 
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Directors: Jo?o Maia [Director] ,

Movie Description:
António Varia??es was a unique man. He was born in a small village in Amares, in the north of Portugal. At an early age, unhappy with his life working at a local factory, he came to Lisbon to stay with some relatives. But he was different and he wanted more. He wanted to travel and see the world and he emigrated, starting to work as a barber. But his love for music and performance was so strong that he came back so he could sing in his own language, even if with his looks and outfits he was a victim of prejudice. And even without knowing anything about music he fought for his right to do it the way he believed it was best.


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Alternative Interpretation

The career of Antonio Variacoes began to take off at around 1978 and lasted until 1984. This is also the very time that the Spanish Movida Madrilena gained mainstream momentum and had its peak. One of the singers of that movida was Tino Casal, whose appearance and performance style is very similar to Antonio Variacoes. In my belief, Portuguese record companies around that time went looking for a Portuguese Tino Casal. They were looking more so for a visual product than a skilled vocalist. That is also very much in line with what became fashionable at the time: punk, new romantics, the movida. The fashion of this era was the window of opportunity for Antonio - at already late 30s / early 40s still wanting to make it as a pop artist with limited singing ability. In the movie it is often mentioned that Antonio has 80 gigs booked for the Summer, but does that mean full concerts or 15 minutes in a club. It is not clarified. His pop career seems more like a passionate hobby to me. It must have been very exciting in that moment to witness, but his style and lack of vocal skills would not survive this particular era in pop, had he not died of AIDS.

The film itself is quite pleasant, but it repeats similar scenarios over and over, for example: overdoing the scenes where we must be convinced of his "profound artistry" simply because he is obessively humming his instantly made up lyrics - to the point of ennui. I would have preferred to learn what hedonistic lifestyle Antonio lived. We see a smidgeon of it, in a scene where an 80s N.Y. queer club is portrayed - and which left me anticipating for this to recurr later in the film. Antonio's lifestyle may have been much less tepid and inoffensive than what is shown in this film. And by not showing that, the film, as a result, fades into insipidness as it drags on. The melodramatic ending may have been fitting as the ending to a great saga, but it does nothing when only having been provided with the limited biographical information that we receive in this film.

This could have been a stunning biopicture - but unfortunately it has not been excecuted to its full potential.

For the funds allocated to produce this movie, its a masterpiece.

Superb acting from Sérgio praia, and still sings for the movie album. Varia??es its alive again and we cant tell the diference.

Weak production

The movie has great caste but misses a lot of deatails on telling the story. The creator of portuguese pop musical deserves a better life story telled. Doesn't show the real transformation of a simple country boy to a icon of the portuguese music.
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