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4.4 / 10 
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Directors: Matthew Hastings [Director] ,

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In 2210, mankind has explored the space and found a vampiric menace, declaring war against different breeds of vampires some of them inclusive human flesh cannibals. The V-SAN (aka Vampire Sanitation) spaceship leaded by Captain Churchill receives a distress call from an Earth base and his team formed by the vampire Quintana, the rookie officer Damian and the rebels Rosa and Roman seek survivors and vampires and they rescue the scientist Fiona, but Capt. Churchill is captured by the vampires. After their next assignment, the provisional captain Damian and his group disclose that a traitor has disengaged the defense system of the bases and they chase their prime suspect.


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Has a lot wrong with it, but I actually found it reasonably entertaining...

Okay, Bloodsuckers is not a good or great movie, or at least to me. If anything I found it decent and reasonably entertaining, especially compared to other low-budget movies I've seen recently. Bloodsuckers does actually have some note-worthy performances, Joe Lando, who was the best and only good thing about Meteor Apocalypse, is decent, Michael Ironside while underused does a nice job as the villain and Natassia Malthe, complete with a wardrobe that completely flatters her figure, is incredibly sexy and not too bad acting-wise either. The story is also an improvement, true it is predictable and not exactly original(apart from the interesting angle of vampire mind sex) but unlike most other low-budget movies I've recently seen it's actually engaging too, and I say the same thing about the action scenes and the gore. Where Bloodsuckers does fall down is with the rest of the cast aren't as good, either bland or irritating(Leanne Adachi manages to be both those things), the script is of rather cheesy quality, the human characters are stereotypical and not all of them are easy to identify with and the cheap effects for the vampires(who themselves as a whole lacked charisma and menace mostly). Overall, reasonably entertaining but one with many flaws. 5/10 Bethany Cox

Goofy, Gory Low Budget Sci-Fi Fun

I got this movie on a 4-film "Vampire Collector's Set" DVD under the title "Vampire Wars: Battle for the Universe," though the opening credits of the actual film identify it as "Bloodsuckers," which quite frankly is a cooler (and less wordy) title. The movie itself was pretty much what I expected: a low budget B-film. Fortunately, I love stuff like this and "Vampire Wars"/"Bloodsuckers" turned out to be a surprisingly cool mish-mash of the horror, sci-fi and action genres, bolted together from parts of the "Blade" series, a little bit of "Firefly," and some "Aliens" as well.

The good news: it's the 23rd century and mankind has at last discovered humanoid life on other planets. The bad news: all of the humanoid life on those other planets is vampiric in nature and wants to eat us, prompting the creation of the "V-SAN" corporation (for "Vampire SANitation"), which sends out teams of bad-asses (think the Colonial Marines from "Aliens") from planet to planet weeding out vampire nests wherever they threaten humanity's interests. Damien Underwood is a newbie on a V-SAN crew who inherits the captain's chair after his commander becomes Vampire Chow early in the movie. He struggles to gain respect in his new role, despite his lack of command experience and the fact that most of his crew (including a redneck in a cowboy hat who predates Woody Harrelson's look in "Zombieland" by a few years, and a butch lesbo who recalls Cpl. Vazquez of "Aliens") blames him for the captain's demise. Fortunately, Underwood does have the support of one crew member -- Quintana, an amazingly hot vampire/human hybrid who reads minds, looks great in an "Underworld" style leather cat suit, and who can kick massive amounts of alien-vampire ass. This fearsome foursome travels to a space station in response to a distress signal, only to find the human population destroyed when they arrive. Turns out they've been lured there by a group of humans who have taken the vampires' side in the war, claiming that Earthlings are the real predatory creatures in the universe. Genre legend Michael Ironside makes a brief cameo, hamming it up in a quick-paycheck role as some sort of vampire overlord in cahoots with the turncoat humans, and eventually lots of big guns go off, and we get severed limbs and gore galore.

True "vampire" movie fans will probably hate this movie as this so-called "vamps" act more like zombies (i.e. they eat the flesh of their victims rather than drink their blood). They also tend to dress like biker-gang rejects from a "Mad Max" movie. It is interesting that there appear to be numerous types of vampire races in the Universe (one in-joke refers to two different races as "the Voorhees" and "the Leatherfaces") depending on what planet the V-SANS agents visit, causing me to wonder if this film was intended as the first in a series (or perhaps a TV series pilot -- I did notice that even though the film is quite violent and bloody, language is toned down and though I really hoped to see Quintana strip off that leather bodysuit, no such luck).

As with most of the movies on these "4 Film Collections" that I've seen, "Bloodsuckers/Vampire Wars" is worth viewing if you've got a taste for goofy, low-budget fare; those who prefer their horror on the more serious side can safely skip it.

Even in space your blood isn't safe

Damn, this actually was a lot more fun than I expected it to be! Seriously, if you don't like this, then you're either way too serious or you should just stick to watching Gus Van Sant movies and never visit the modest-budget horror-genre again. "Bloodsuckers" is very tongue-in-cheek. Humanity has moved to outer space, and found out that it's inhabited by lots of vampires. Even different sorts and races of vampires (for example: there are Voorhees and Leatherfaces, so that might give you a hint as to not take it all too seriously). There's a lot of bloodshed and mild gore in this flick (which surprised me, because it seems like this film was made for TV). It's basically some sort of cross between Josh Whedon's "Serenity" and John Carpenter's "Vampires", but yes, of course with a little tighter budget. Michael Ironside is in it too. Though he only has a small roll as a vampire-leader, he really is quite enjoyable, as always. And Natassia Malthe is HOT as hell as the Goth-babe/Half-vampire Quintana! Just beware a little bit of my rather high 7/10 rating. This isn't a prime example of excellent indie-film-making (even if made for TV) and it's not as good as the two aforementioned movies. But when you're going into this one with the right mindset, then you just might have a whole heap of fun with it.
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