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Four people enter a corn maze for Halloween and are picked off one by one by the twisted family who own the scare attraction.


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Free FRee FREe FREE!!

This is not a bad little movie. Usually these types of movies come out and are just plain awful. I mean, who the heck even watches those crappy b and c films. However, "Fear Pharm" stands a bit above the others as not only does it have a legit looking movie box, but its actually a decent film. The critic quote on the box says something like " Texas Chainsaw Massacre vibe with a kind of Rob Zombie feel". It's like they were a little nervous to take out the words "vibe", Kind of", and "feel" when, to me, it actually was more reminiscent than i thought of both of those references. The chainsaw wielding maniac is pretty creepy with his barbed wire mask and his stand still stance. It gives you the creeps as one of our protagonists approach the villain in the corn maze after turning a corner and suddenly seeing him standing there, chainsaw idling in hand. Also, the ice cream truck part was pretty creepy and did have a "sort of rob zombieish feel". There was some comedic moments between the villains that I thought was clever and the acting wasn't all that bad. Except for maybe the kid "Rustin". There is also a nice and creepy ending to go with it. It all feels quite halloweenish and the production values are quite good. You can clearly tell this is a talented director and you can expect more from him.

It's a Horror Comedy!

I sat down and watched Fear Pharm the other night, and after watching I went to check out the reviews. PEOPLE YOU ARE MISSING THE POINT! I think a handful of people don't get the concept. I mean I get it, the film requires above average intelligence and based on our President a lot of our country is lacking that. This film makes fun of the campy Horror films of the 80's and 90's, while also sticking true to them, which is a hard tight rope to walk and I think they nailed it! If you go into this film thinking it is just a horror film you might find yourself disappointed, but if you understand what it is you will enjoy ever minute of it.

Does the film have a big budget? No. Is the film enjoyable to watch? YES!

Campy Horror Fun

I feel like a lot of these bad reviews are just trolls. I rented Fear Pharm on Amazon and I really enjoyed it! Like it had funny moments especially with Rustin and Gemma who is my fav, but it also had gore and some pretty good jump scares. My boyfriend and I love watching movies on Shudder and this film stacks up to everything else we have seen, and the dialogue in this film is way better. Fun concept and the ending of why this is all happening I would say is really inventive.
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