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Four people enter a corn maze for Halloween and are picked off one by one by the twisted family who own the scare attraction.


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Okay torture-porn flick.

IDK, I thought this film was a slightly different and more interesting take on Hostel 1-25. It kinda riffs on the extreme horror experiences of what's his name in the South. The title is TERRIBLE but slightly makes sense. If you like seeing young attractive actors/esses terrorized and tortured in mostly over the top comedic ways, not a bad film.

I actually enjoyed it

All the bad reviews are just people that have nothing better to do but sit around all day on their cloud of judgment eating hot pockets and thinking they are Siskile n Eibert. Stop being so close minded. I think the movie accomplished exactly what it intended. It was funny and a little quirky and a great halloween season movie with just the right amt of gore and decent back story. Get off your high horses dorks and go back to playing mindcraft!

Essentially just another madmen in the cornfield type of horror movie...

Granted, I didn't really have much of any hopes or expectations for this 2020 horror movie titled "Fear PHarm". Why? Well, from the synopsis, it didn't really seem like this was an original movie. But still, it being a new movie, a horror movie nonetheless, and a movie that I hadn't already seen, of course I found the time to sit down and watch it.

Turns out that I wasn't in for a particular great moment in horror cinema. Sure, "Fear PHarm" was watchable, but it was by no means an overly entertaining or enjoyable horror movie. In fact, everything in the movie was just something that other and older horror movies had already managed to do before, and more often than not actually do better than "Fear PHarm" did.

The script and storyline was straight forward, sure. But it was just too bland and mediocre, and there were no real surprising along the way. So it was a movie that was essentially just running on auto-pilot from writers Mark S. Allen, Howard Burd and Dante Yore. And director didn't really manage to lift up the movie out of the mediocre gutter that the movie was stuck in.

The acting in the movie was actually adequate, taking into consideration what little material the actors and actresses had to work with. The characters, however, were one-dimensional cardboard cutouts. They were all lacking proper personalities to distinguish them from one another. And the villains in the movie, or bad guys - call them what you will - were just so bland that they left no memorable impression. However, I will say that John Littlefield - playing Herschel - actually carried the movie quite well with his performance.

Visually, I must say that "Fear PHarm" was actually quite alright. The few special effects that were in the movie were actually done quite nicely and made me squirm at a point. So that was at least something.

If you enjoy a good horror movie, then I would say that your money, time and effort is better spent elsewhere, because "Fear PHarm" was just a less than mediocre horror movie. I mean, haven't the whole corn field plot been over-used in horror movies already? Did we really need another corn field movie with madmen milling about inside? No. Not really.

My rating of "Fear PHarm" lands on a generous four out of ten stars. It was watchable, but not a memorable movie, nor a movie that I will ever return to watch a second time.
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