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Animation | Family
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24 min
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6.9 / 10 
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Directors: Gigi Saul Guerrero [Director] ,

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A new class of pint-sized preschoolers arrives at Pitchfork Pines, and the Super Monsters take their superpowers to the next level - the Purple Room.


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A Good Short To Help Those In A New School

The Super Monsters is a neat idea for a preschool show on Netflix, as it has children who become monsters at night and go to a school to learn how to control the special powers they possess while learning valuable lessons. The New Class is a neat special as it introduces four new kids: Olive, Rocky, Sami, and Zane, as well as their teacher, Miss Mina. The older Super Monsters move up to the Purple Room to train their powers to the next level, while the four get their old classroom.

This special has a good lesson to help those who are scared of their first day of school, as Sami (who becomes a snow monster) is scared and wants to go home as she misses many things, including her stuffed animal, Booboo Bunny. Rocky (who is a gargoyle) keeps messing things up as he feels he can't do anything right, Those two are something kids will feel when they have their first day at school (or they're going to a new school for the first time). This special will help them learn how to cope, as the monsters help each other get used to their new school. A good watch for preschoolers about to start school.
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