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98 min
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5.9 / 10 
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Directors: David Fowler [Director] ,

Movie Description:
A random bear attack during a family camping trip leaves Greg (father) and Samantha (daughter) trapped by demon worshiping cult known as The Circle. Unbeknownst to all is that there's an infiltrator in the cults ranks. She is communication with a former member on the outside named Grady. Grady's plan is to lead a small group of rescuers into the heart of The Circle. But will they get there in time to save Greg, Samantha, and others from the demon known as Percy Stephens?


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These Other Reviews Are Wrong!

This movie is getting low ratings because people don't understand it. The concept in the movie is mind boggling, and truthfully, the person who came up with this plot idea should be celebrated, not shunned.

It loses 2 stars because there is some bad acting, truly, but to be honest, it kind of goes along with the creativity of the whacked out plot.

Give it a try...but unless you're excited by figuring out different levels of reality, it may just confuse you. Otherwise, enjoy.

Utterly bad movie

This film is a failure, a non intentional comedy, a catastrophic attempt.Indescribably badly written script, followed by horrible actingmake this film somewhat "watchable".


One of those movies where you wait and wait for something interesting to happen but it never does. Long,boring and pointless.
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