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Directors: Wah-Kei Wong [Director] ,

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Playboy Hong Kong Barber Happy Chan opens a fashionable new salon, right next to an old-fashioned Shanhainese barber shop. Its owner, Chuk, is furious at this development and starts a quarrel with Chan and his colleagues during the opening ceremony of his new venture Chuk's pretty daughter, Ying, is forced to keep the peace. Chan and his friends all attempt to woo Ying, but end up getting drunk and falling asleep in her bedroom. Later, Ying discovers that she is pregnant but no one can remember which of the trio did the deed. Chan and his friends endeavor to do the right thing, banding together during her pregnancy until the true identity of the father can be determined. When the baby is born its discovered all the prospective fathers have the same blood type and confusion reigns anew.


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Not a very good comedy

This is a romantic comedy movie. It revolves around three friends that fell in love with this pretty lady and the situations it created when they tried to one-up each other to get her attention.

The acting was not bad, given the ludicrous situations. But the leading lady was horrible. From my perspective, she wasn't even all that attractive either. But it could be due to the 80's style clothing, hair, and make-up.

Story had a pretty good setup in the beginning, some funny moments, and looked promising. But once all the setup jokes were done, and switched to "story resolution" mode, it became really boring. On top of that, the way the story was resolved was very contrived and not believable, and they went out of their way to wrap up with a goody goody happy ending that was just very forced.
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