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80 min
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7.4 / 10 
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Directors: Leopoldo Aguilar [Director] ,

Movie Description:
An intelligent 15-year-old high school student is unexpectedly transferred to a boarding school where he opens a portal of monsters from another dimension.


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It's ok to have a good time is has its good and bad things, it is not the best movie in the world, but I have a good teaching, it did not make me as cliche as I thought I expected an adult may not like it but a child can entertain it


This was really really boring and meaningless stuff to watch! Expected so much just to be disappointed!

Nothing outstanding here...

I sat down to watch the 2020 CGI animated movie "Cranston Academy: Monster Zone" with my 10 year old son. I hadn't heard about the movie prior to sitting down to watch it, so I didn't really know what to expect from it. However, I did read the synopsis, and I will say that it actually sold the movie well enough.

In terms of entertainment, then "Cranston Academy: Monster Zone" didn't really manage to impress me. Sure, it was watchable and had some interesting enough moments. However, it just failed to stand out amidst numerous other CGI animated movies that fared better in terms of being enjoyable and entertaining.

I did like the animation and art style that they opted to use for making "Cranston Academy: Monster Zone". And some of the 5th dimension creature designs were rather interesting. That worked well enough in favor of the movie.

However, it was the storyline that was just too mundane, and it was holding the movie back. Now, I am not saying that it was boring or anything. Not at all. It was entertaining enough for what it turned out to be. However, it just didn't manage to tip the scale to becoming impressive.

The characters in the storyline were a bit on the boring side. They were rather mundane and bland, to be bluntly honest. Aside from the mothman, whom was actually the one standing out, alongside with the hamster. However, the main characters were just generic.

We managed to sit through the entire animated movie, but weren't overly won over. I am rating "Cranston Academy: Monster Zone" a very bland and mediocre five out of ten stars. It is, however, very unlikely that I will ever return to watch this 2020 CGI animated movie a second time, as it just didn't have the script, plot or contents to support more than a single viewing.
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