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Directors: Ian Bonh?te [Director] ,

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The history and current standing of the Paralympic Games, which has grown to become the world's third largest sporting event.


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What a complete delight. This documentary was both heartfelt and utterly compelling. I cried, I laughed and I learn't a lot. At times it even felt like a thriller and I was on the edge of my seat holding my breath praying things would work out. The individuals were breathtaking in their courage, their passion for their sport and for life itself. I won't give any spoilers but I will say this was one of the most memorable documentaries I've had the good fortune to watch. It changed me. It gave me an insight into and an understanding of a world I had previously been ignorant of. Who knew!? ... I really want to go to the next Paralympics.

The Olympics are where athletes become heroes, The Paralympics are where heros go to compete

Completely inspiring and engaging look into the physical and mental strength behind Paralympic athletes. The documentary explores the lasting effect that their visibility through the games has on a world in dire need of being exposed to the stories surrounding such extraordinary people.

A Story Untold

This is a really interesting film set more as a group of stories than a standard documentary. It is equal parts uplifting and engaging. The important thing here is it shines a light on incredible athletes and people who are often hidden behind able-bodies counterparts.

What I found most engaging was that with each person featured, the audience got to know their story and a little about their past and journey to the Paralympics. I can agree it can feel a bit rushed, but that's only because each person's story and journey had enough meat to be its own movie. But, it seems like Parasport champions don't get these kind of fictional power stories like other athletes such as Michael Jordan, Michael Bennett, IU basketball, the 1980 US Hockey team, a horse named Seabiscuit, the Oakland As, you get the idea. These are all inspiring stories, and every on of the athletes who participate in the Paralympics can equal them.

I don't agree with The NY Times narrow view of the documentary lambasting it for showing athletes at the top of their game and that using the idea that this is some sort of advertisement as a negative. Of course it is! In the best way. The Paralympics do not receive widespread attention it deserves. Look what almost happened in Rio. If watching this documentary is an inducement for someone, who would otherwise be unaware of the amazing athletes or the sports, to take interest and start following, well that's sort of the point. And this film showcases it well. Documentaries are made to bring attention to the subject matter to shine the light in a positive or eye opening way or provide commentary on the subject matter.

I rated this a 10 because I really want to encourage people to see this documentary because the content is fantastic. If this was getting more attention I'd realistically rate it an 8 from a pure technical film standpoint. Some of the cuts and editing choices could have been done a bit better. It did have that feeling that they needed to get everything in this one film because it was their only chance. This easily could have been set as a short docu-series with each episode focusing on an individual athlete and overlaying the history and recent olympics. However, the content, as mentioned, was fantastic.
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