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Simulation Theory Film (2020) 1080p - Movie Poster
Music | Sci-Fi
Frame Rate:
25 fps
English 5.1  
Run Time:
90 min
IMDB Rating:
9.2 / 10 
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Directors: Lance Drake [Director] ,

Movie Description:
Conceived and filmed at London's O2 Arena in September 2019 the film follows a team of scientists as they investigate the source of a paranormal anomaly appearing around the world. Blurring the lines between narrative and concert film, virtual and reality, Muse's most theatrical tour to date launches the viewer through a supernatural spectacle, questioning the world around us.


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My opinion

This movie is fantastic and I have never seen anything like this even tho I'm a Muse fan I must be used to this! Next we're gonna have a gig in space for real

Muse are a unique concert experience, and this proves it!

I applaud Muse's desire to bring a different experience to an otherwise ordinary concert viewing. Following the band's Simulation Theory album, this live performance follows plot-wise a group of scientists who are investigating the source of different anomalies occuring around the globe.One of these investigators, wearing a hazmat suit, suddenly appears at an empty O2 Arena in London, with an arcade machine near him. When he stands in front of it, he enters the simulation, and out of nowhere the arena is filled with thousands of people, and mighty Muse begin their incendiary set.

Along the way, into the songs and in-between, the plot keeps developing, giving an entirely different experience than just enjoying the songs being performed by the band. Because the plot is also directly related to the setlist, it was carefully thought-out as to make the story all the more cohesive. That meant that the band had to leave out some of its iconic live regulars such as Time is Running Out, Plug In Baby, Hysteria and usual night-closer Knights of Cydonia, which honestly weren't going to fit into the visual aesthetic and the overall sound of the latest record, of which this live show is based on.

There were other Muse classics that felt rightly incorporated, like Mercy, Madness, Starlight and the fantastic rendition of Take a Bow, from 2006'sBlack Holes and Revelations. The visual style of the concert was very reminiscent of the 80s, inspired by the decade's biggest movies and culturalmoments, along with a strong neon aesthetic that resonated well with the music. Not only were there camera or visual effects happening on screen but also many dancers and performers on stage, doing coordinated routines and wearing outfits that match the thematic of the song being performed at that particular moment.

An absolutely mesmerizing display of musicianship that Muse is greatly accustomed to, with the addition of spectacular visuals and flamboyant stage performance, and with a finale that will knock you over your seat! And in the context of this pandemic in 2020, you will be even more nostalgic of live shows and definitely will make you appreciate and enjoy more this show than in any other context. Just writing about it made me want to watch it all over again!

the live shows a 10 star

Theres a pretty cool bunch of visual employed in delivering this performance. Definately a band to see live
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