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Directors: Michael J. Bassett [Director] ,

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Megan Fox (Transformers franchise) tackles a thrilling new role as a battle-hardened mercenary in this explosive action saga. As team leader O'Hara, she leads a lively squad of soldiers on a daring mission: rescue hostages from their captors in remote Africa. But as the mission goes awry and the team is stranded, O'Hara's squad must face a bloody, brutal encounter with a gang of rebels - and the horde of ravenous, enraged lions they encounter.


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Decent action film

Rogue (3 out of 5 stars).

Rogue is a fair action film. Plot is decent. About a group of mercenaries led by Megan Foxs character. Which she makes a come back with a heroic action star. About them trying to save a couple of girls from trafficking in Africa. Until they get stuck in a compound with a lion hunting them.

It does have a few good action sequences that was entertaining. A prolonged car chase. And a shoot out climax. I did find the script to be cheesy with horrible dialogue. And terrible cgi on the lion.

Not bad.

Half way through this movie, I realised this was better than Extraction starring Chris Hemsworth. It has a better story, though the acting is not as strong, and it has a better message. Trouble is I gave Extraction 6 Stars, and this doesn't warrant 7 Stars. Ignore some of the prepubescent reviews and give it a try.

Over the top action with comedy bits

It's non-stop action with little room for character development. Some of the action is funny, but I couldn't tell if it's on purpose or not. The best parts of the film: Hearing military guys sing Backstreet Boys was pretty funny, and it was satisfying to see a bunch of poachers get blown away. I also enjoyed the scenic African landscapes and the message of the film.

With less action and more dialog and backstory/buildup this could have been a better story. It could have been a Jurassic Park type of film, but it was very violent. It was hard to clearly hear the dialog and follow the characters' personal journeys, and the shaky camera work was distracting.

Megan Fox was great in her role, but she didn't have much to work with. Her character was just 'unemotional military leader.' The script didn't give her character much distinction. Overall, this movie was entertaining because it was so ridiculous, but I probably wouldn't watch it a second time.
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