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Drama | Family
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83 min
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6.6 / 10 
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Directors: Steven R. Monroe [Director] ,

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In small town Parker Falls, Ohio, Jessica is the third generational owner/operator within her family of Wesley's Hometown Diner, she who has tried to remain true to her grandfather, the original owner, in keeping the same menu, restaurant policies, and décor. The once beloved diner is struggling to stay afloat, which is not helped by Charlie just having opened a new restaurant in town as competition. Divorced now for two years, she acts as a single Mom to eight year old Wesley, to who she tirelessly spends time on whatever he needs, baseball coach for his less than developed baseball skills which is not of much help if any. With Wesley's father just the latest person to abandon her, she is now dating insurance salesman Brett Thompson, who she has known since they were in high school and who is arguably the "safest" man to date in all of town. Meanwhile, Parker Falls' most famous son, Chase Taynor, is a major league pitcher in Boston, he and Jessica who were high school sweethearts. ...


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My 2 Fave "Hallmark" Actors!

I love these 2 together. Nikki DeLoach and Andrew Walker have such CHEMISTRY between them. I watched a great Christmas movie with the 2 of them. While checking I saw that they were in this movie together. Even better this was showing this week! I recorded it due to work but got to come home, put my feet up & watch.Cute movie !! I hope they make more movies together!!

Not so perfect

I love Andrew walker, he always does a good job. Believable in his acting. I am tired of watching Nikki DeLoach, she over does it in a lot of her roles. Too stuck on herself. She looks older then a lot off her male leads.

a sunday movie

The easiest and simple method would have been getting the stewards to make an announcement instead of a pregnant woman dropping down a 12ft wall and running across a field being chased by stewards
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