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Comedy | Family
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7.8 / 10 
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Directors: Mark Waters [Director] ,

Movie Description:
Andy, at the urging of his former mentor and Magic Camp owner Roy Preston, returns as a counselor to the camp of his youth hoping to reignite his career.


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"Light and amusingly plain but with worthy lessons all children must know"

Just like 'The One and Only Ivan', 'Magic Camp' is all about inspiring children to love their family, friends and their role in a group or even in a society as a greater scope. The fun and enjoyable cast of characters especially the jolly spirit of Adam Devine made the movie worthy to watch on weekend with family.


Boring, not funny, PC propaganda, terrible cast. Save your kids from this.

Simple, mostly predictable and oh so enjoyable.

I have to tell you that even though my headline explains it all, I have to say this movie was refreshing and a great change from the typical blockbuster genres of revenge and action and blow everything up. Stories of how real people should emulate and live always have the most internal entertainment value for me. I recommend you take a break from the gore and enjoy Magic Camp.
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