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Comedy | Drama
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23.976 fps
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93 min
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5.8 / 10 
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Directors: Danny Huston [Director] ,

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Mr. North, a stranger to a small, but wealthy, Rhode Island town, quickly has rumors started about him that he has the power to heal people's ailments. The rumors are magnified by his tendency to collect negative charges and give shocks to anyone he touches. In his adventures he befriends an old man who is a shut-in and helps him rediscover the world.


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Remastered version not as good as original

As is typical of most movie and music remastering, something is always lost, and nothing is gained. Mr. North rated 10 stars in my book as far as the original theatrical version and the transfer to commercial VHS video. But when it came out on DVD and then later digital, some lame-brain or brains took the liberty to totally rework the opening sequence and credits. In short, they black screened over Anthony Edwards bicycling jaunt along the Rhode Island coast with nothing but an altered style of credits. Butchers! It's sort of like cutting out all of the bum-bum-bum-bums in Beethoven's Fifth Symphony. Without them, there is no symphony. So, the remastered version gets a six, thus my average rating of 8. I'm glad I still have my VHS. I guess I'll have to convert it to digital myself someday

A Really Great, Light-hearted Movie

Yes, you've heard the old cliché and I will say it again..."I wasn't sure about watching this after seeing the reviews, but..." But I'm glad I did. This is a very good light-hearted movie for those who want to spend a quiet afternoon watching an interesting piece of ENTERTAINMENT. The cast is excellent, filled with big names who each took small parts and did them in their usual top-notch professional way. This is not "academy award" stuff, so to see the caliber of Lauren Bacall, Robert Mitchum, Angelica Huston in it is surprising, but laudable.

Anthony Edwards as Mr. North is extremely likable and carries the starring role so well. The storyline is a fun and the costuming and sets are equally pleasing. I would recommend this to anyone who just wants a "nice", entertaining film free of vulgarity and the current nonsense.

Very likable.

I think I scored this slight film as high as I did because not only did it have a likable script and likable characters, but it was also nice for an old film buff like me because the film features a couple surprising appearances in supporting roles. Although big stars, Robert Mitchum, Angelica Huston and Lauren Bacall provide support to a film anchored, surprisingly, by a young Anthony Edwards. I say surprisingly because this was well before his "ER" days. Sure, he'd appeared in "Revenge of the Nerds" and "Top Gun", but he was still far from being a star--yet here, the entire film rests on his shoulders--very capable shoulders it turned out to be.

Edwards stars as Theophilus North--a very poor graduate of one of the elite universities in the nation. Being poor, he makes a living as a reader to the rich elite in Newport, Rhode Island during the 1920s. While he has a relatively lowly job, his incredibly sweet personality make him a guy people just seem to like. And, being very thoughtful and kind, you can't help but root for the guy. Eventually, he does make a name for himself--and gains some fame as a faith healer--although he keeps telling people he is NOT a miracle worker--just a guy with a strange physical anomaly. I could say a lot more about the film--but really don't want to ruin it.

The film has a very simple story and modest pretensions. It is NOT a big-name Hollywood production and yet, oddly, the film has great support and a nice script. It's not brilliant--but quirky and likable. See this one if you want to see what Hollywood can do IF they don't look for huge special effects, explosions and the like. Very likable and endearing.
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