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Action | Adventure
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Directors: Benjamin Galland [Director] ,

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Gripped is a feature length rock-climbing survival epic that takes place on the side of a thousand foot cliff in the Sierra Nevada mountains of California. Gripped tells the story of Rose, a gym climber from Los Angeles on her first outdoor climb. While bouldering with her friend Jade, Rose falls for Bret, an experienced outdoorsman. She talks him into taking her - against his better judgment - on a famous, advanced rock-climbing route called "Killer Pillar." Disaster strikes when Bret falls and suffers a serious head injury and torn shoulder. With no way to go but up, Rose has to lead the climb to the summit. When night falls they still have a long way to go and are forced to bivouac on a cliffside ledge. The next day, as a storm approaches, Bret drifts in and out of consciousness. It's up to Rose to save them both.


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Less stars if you like climbing.

Oh man, what a ride. The characters are terribly one dimensional, all over place emotionally and act incomprehensibly. There's so much reused footage it seems like they're doing loops on the wall and anyone who's spent even a bit of time climbing will likely roll their eyes at the writer's attempts to cram as much jargon in as possible, regardless of whether it fits or even makes sense. You know how some films are so bad they're good? Yeah this isn't one of them, it's just bad. Avoid.

More stars if you like climbing

Decent enough action climbing movie. Great cinematography and scenery. Technically well done, at least in my opinion. I'm no climber. On the downside the female lead's motivation to try something extreme is a little like watching a horror movie knowing the characters will stick their head into the maw of a monster even though it makes no sense. Movie people being movie people. But, we finished it and pretty much enjoyed it and liked the characters well enough. Not great but decent. And, if you like climbing scenery, etc., it's even better.
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