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Episodic look at an unlikely couple trying to make it in L.A. during the late 1970s. He's Albert, an illegal alien from Belgium, serving as chauffeur and lover to a string of powerful men. She's Stella, a real estate agent with several women lovers. When he's out of a job, she temporarily takes him in. He becomes her cook and housekeeper, time passes, and they marry so he won't be deported. Later, after a boozy birthday celebration with him, she finds herself pregnant. They try to be a family, love grows, and she puts her career on hold as his career, as a fashion designer, takes off. Can this gay couple stay true to each other, and what happens when their hormones call?


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Just a great flick, that I still love today!. Perry King was/is so handsome!

Odd Romance

In the 70's, there were few people as beautiful as Meg Foster and Perry King. The idea of them having sex and falling in love isn't terribly far fetched. The issue in A Different Story is that they both happen to be gay and have a one-time drunken fling and then Foster's character gets pregnant.

It seems more like the concept of a wacky comedy, but A Different Story plays it fairly (pardon the pun) straight throughout. It's completely unrealistic and even quite offensive, but Foster and King manage to make it seem entirely plausible. I actually found Foster's former lover so much more offensive with her creepy bipolar personality. At least Foster and King's gay characters were shown as decent, stable human beings.

I'm surprised that I wasn't more offended by this movie, but it's really enjoyable and sort of charming and sweet.

Not different enough

Lesbian marries a Belgian gay man to keep him in the States; they fall in love for real, but he cheats on her--with a woman. Gay leading characters (male or female) in a mainstream motion picture hadn't been in vogue for a number of years--you'd have to go back to "The Fox" or "The Killing of Sister George" in 1968, "The Boys in the Band" in 1970 and "Sunday Bloody Sunday" in 1971--which makes screenwriter Henry Olek's efforts here doubly disappointing. He has the brave notion to introduce homosexual people in a bland, middle-of-the-road setting (no camp attributes), and then drops the ball (or, perhaps, the ball was taken and dropped for him). You can't blame the actors--Meg Foster or Perry King--they are doing what they were assigned to do, to push forward a false plot. But they are pawns in a heterosexual's fantasy, that the gay lifestyle can be "corrected" with the "right partner." The agenda here is obviously unbalanced, and yet director Paul Aaron forges on with Olek's romantic clichés as if the only audience for their picture were straight, upper-class men and women who want to be able to say when it's over, "I always knew it was a choice." * from ****
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