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Documentary | Sport
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94 min
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Directors: éric Hannezo [Director] ,

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Bad boy of the French football, arrogant, precocious, misunderstood, scorer, unclassifiable, genius, unmanageable. Despite a having a career of almost 20 years at the highest level, Nicolas Anelka is still hard to define.


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Almost comical

Ok so this may be a passable documentary if you're a French speaker despite the boring narrative and woe is me thread that runs throughout, but the fact they choose not to subtitle it, but to overdub all the French interviews (of which the film is almost entirely made up of) with what sound like out of work cockney actors is beyond me. It becomes comical at times. What on Earth were they thinking? Trying to appeal to some geezers that would never watch a subtitled film but happily watch a load of French players sound like they're from Easterners. The storyline isn't great but when delivered by terry and dean from the Bethnal Green amateur dramatics club becomes more mocumentary than documentary

As a French I used to hate him like everyone else, no more.

This player has been depicted as the worst that France can produce, one of those, suburb disrespectful kids that only value money and ego.Some say it's one sided, I saw a man explaining how foolish he was all along the documentary, defending himself against falls allegations.Great one.

One of the Best player ever!!

I liked very much this film....and changed a bit my view about this player! I truly think he was misunderstood but was too young to make it clear ....he seems to have a high emotional intelligence (confirmed by Wenger!), so, as a Team Coach in the future, he could be really very successful because he will be live with his players, no doubts about this!! Zidane, Guardiola, Klopp ... are all living with their players intensively ... What he should do, is to take very much care on his attitudes with the hierarchy of the clubs .... but he is loyal, honest, respectful, competent (confirmed Wenger), and with his experience with medias, Coaches, ... I am sure he knows now how to handle this. I like to see him coaching a team in the near future!! I really changed my mind about him!!
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