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Comedian and "Saturday Night Live" writer Sam Jay serves up fresh takes on relationships, travel nightmares, the audacity of white people and more.


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Professional Victim.

Boring. Droll. Uninspired. Unfunny. Lives to be a victim. If it wasn't for racism she'd have no act. That's all she drones on about. Oh in case you didn't get that she's a lesbian. You will remind you 1000 times in the course of an hour.

We loved her!

We were super entertained and laughed A LOT.I expected it to have a 9 or 10Everyone giving bad ratings should open up a little a relax before watching any standup. Just chill and enjoy stop overthinking and judging comedians so harshly people!

Funny AF!

Have to day thi is one of the better stand up specials I've seen this year. Laugh out loud funny as [email protected]$k!
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