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7.9 / 10 
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Ten years ago, Slade Wilson-aka the super-assassin called Deathstroke-made a tragic mistake and his wife and son paid a terrible price. Now, a decade later, Wilson's family is threatened once again by the murderous Jackal and the terrorists of H.IV.E. Can Deathstroke atone for the sins of the past-or will his family pay the ultimate price?


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You're in for a Surprise

You may or may not expect a good story with a character like Slade Wilson who is shady at best and mostly shown as a carnal being. But you would be surprised the writers worked out the story of one of the most skilled nemesis of Batman and the Titans into a story of family and complex desires of soldiers who are out of commission.

Written and directed beautifully, this movie joins the legion of DC animated masterpieces. With art looking unfinished and unpolished here there, it provides a good cinematic experience with visceral action sequences and twist and turns in the stories very fabric. The title although is metaphoric but the plot lives upto it.

I believe this one was aimed for the fans...

Right, well I sat down to watch this 2020 DC animated movie without knowing whom the Deathstroke character is, aside from being familiar with his name. So I didn't really know what to expect from director Sung Jin Ahn or writer J.M.DeMatteis.

I can't really say that I was overly impressed with "Deathstroke: Knights & Dragons". Sure it was watchable, but it wasn't outstanding or memorable as some of the other DC animated movies available. So I suppose this one was aimed specifically at the fans.

Something that I did like about "Deathstroke: Knights & Dragons", though, was the art style used in the animated movie. It was very much reminiscent of the 1980s cartoons that I grew up watching, such as "G.I. Joe" for example. And the animation was very smooth and good. These two factors were definitely working well in favor of the movie.

However, the storyline was just a bit too bland and mundane for my liking. There wasn't really anything that just popped out of the story and demanded attention. And the characters were a bit too trivial for my taste.

It should be said, though, that the voice acting was good, and they definitely had hired some talented performers to participate in this project. And Michael Chiklis definitely was a great choice, given his gruff voice.

All in all, "Deathstroke: Knights & Dragons" turned out to be mediocre for me. It didn't really appeal to my liking. That means that I am settling my rating of this 2020 DC animated movie on a mediocre five out of ten stars.

Short, sweet and simple

Loved all the characters, story was good too. Animation style was decent and action was intense. DC can never go wrong with their animated stuff.
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