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Directors: Otto Preminger [Director] ,

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The theme is the founding of the state of Israel. The action begins on a ship filled with Jewish immigrants bound for Israel who are being off loaded on Cyprus. An Intelligence officer succeeds in getting them back on board their ship only to have the harbor blocked by the British with whom they must negotiate. The second part of the film is about the situation in Israel as independence is declared and most of their neighbors attack them.


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Honoring an Age-Old Promise

Immediately after World War 2 and the horrors of the holocaust the British government found itself in a difficult situation. On the one hand, it had promised the Jewish people the right to return to their ancient homeland in Palestine. The problem was that the Arab nations had no intention of allowing that to happen. That being said, this film essentially begins in Cypress with an American woman by the name of "Catherine 'Kitty' Fremont" (Eva Marie Saint) having lunch with the British commander in charge of detaining a large number of Jewish refugees there pending a determination as to whether to allow them to continue on to Palestine. During the course of their meeting "General Sutherland" (Ralph Richardson) learns that Ms. Fremont is a nurse and offers her a chance to check out the nearby field hospital. She eventually accepts and during that time meets a young girl named "Karen" (Jill Haworth) who captures her interest enough to ask the general whether she can adopt her. Unbeknownst to her, a radical leader of a Zionist movement named "Ari Ben Canaan" (Paul Newman) has come upon a plan to remove a large number of Jewish detainees from the camp and place them on a nearby ship to transport them to Palestine-and Karen is one of those refugees. Naturally, this creates a problem for both Catherine Fremont and General Sutherland which is only exacerbated when Ari Ben Canaan threatens to blow the ship up and kill everybody if the British government tries to board the ship while in harbor. Now rather than reveal any more and risk spoiling the film for those who haven't seen it I will just say that this was a very good film which captures the dilemma of both the British government and the plight of the Jewish refugees quite well. Although I didn't especially care for the rather abrupt ending, the rest of the film was extremely enjoyable with both Paul Newman and Eva Marie Saint performing their parts particularly well and I have rated this movie accordingly.

A Fascinating Subject; A Good (But Not Great) Film

When Leon Uris's novel came out the American public was excited by the story it contained -- one that reflected historical truths placed into an equally romantic and exciting story.

A handsome and daring male lead, a strong and beautiful woman whose ideas and ideals are constantly being challenged. A people struggling for survival against a myriad of enemies.

Add to that beautiful location shooting all done in the actual locations of Israel and Cyprus, a memorable score and big name stars, this film has much to offer.

But finding it today is difficult. (I had to search out a Blu Ray created for the Australian market -- but thankfully playable on a US player) One can only assume that the non-politically correct idea of seeing 'goodness' in the creation of a Jewish State and all that has followed it as the reason why.

No, this is not a "great" film. Its length gets in the way of that - - and such with much cut from the original novel. But "good" it is. Definitely worth seeing.

Well, if you can find it.

A very depressing discussion here

1. This is a movie, folks. Yes, based on a novel, but it was just that - a novel. Uris didn't claim to be writing a history textbook. As with all memorable literature, he tweaked some facts and embroidered his landscape with memorable fictional characters (although yes, many were based on real-life people.) So it's not appropriate to criticize either the novel or the book for not getting every historical fact absolutely right.

2. This is a MOVIE, folks. Based on a novel, but it's still a movie. Which meant that the actors were cast for a variety of reasons, one of which was solid bank-ability at the box office. To those who complained that Eva Marie Saint is too old in this film, I'd like to remind them that she was only a few months older (in real life) than Paul Newman was. And having her a bit older than the character in the novel is fine, since she brings a different life perspective than someone in her 20s would have. Especially since she was playing a widow. just mho.

3. What has depressed me is that this IMDb discussion of a movie has brought out the Haters. I don't mean people who hated the movie; I mean people who hate Jews and the State of Israel. Apparently, no amount of art, or even actual history, will ever be enough for some people to stop hating, to get them to stop looking for every possible opportunity to malign any group of people they get something -- however perverse or destructive -- out of hating.

4. My personal opinion of this movie is that it's an excellent MOVIE. It entertains. It teaches us a few basic facts about the creation of Israel that most of us never learned in school. It is well-cast, well-acted, well-directed, and well-photographed. In addition, it has a great score throughout the film (not just the very memorable main theme.) I saw it at a movie theater when I was fairly young, and I've probably seen it on TV over a dozen times since then. I also read the novel (a long time ago), but if I've learned anything over the years, it's that movies and novels are different animals that can't fairly be compared page-for-page, so to speak. Heck - ever read "Gone With The Wind?" In the novel, Scarlett has one child with each of her husbands, but in the movie, she only has the one child, with Rhett. But no one complains about it because it's a damn good movie. And so is "Exodus." It's damn good movie.
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