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THAT'S NOT MY DOG is a joyous comedy that celebrates our love of joke telling. The film centers around the lovable Shane Jacobson (playing himself) who is throwing a party. Invited are the funniest people Shane knows comprising of Australia's biggest stars along with several Australian music legends playing their biggest hits live, right throughout the party. The invite that goes out is clear. Don't bring meat. We'll provide the beer. Just come armed with nothing but the funniest jokes you've ever heard. Shane will take care of the rest. It'll be a night of great friends telling the world's funniest jokes over a beer and BBQ.


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GREAT IDEA but could have been better!

I enjoyed the jokes, loved the deaf Ballarat woman the most, heard before but damn funny.It could have done without the last awful song choice that was completely at odds with the rest of the show.Also, we didn't need to see Shane's dad looking so sad and forlorn at the end and making his way home without anyone noticing, when it was all apparently put on for him. Then cut to everyone telling more jokes. Did I miss something or what.Make another one and finish with a bang and not a whimper please

Boring and uncomfortable

I sat down to watch this with my daughter thinking it would be funny, but she left after 2 minutes. It was boring, one forced joke after another with people who forgot what they were saying and looked uncomfortable. I felt uncomfortable for them (especially the female actress (not comedian) made to tell a joke about a penguin eating an ice cream. Really odd. There's no plot line other than telling one joke after another and most aren't funny despite the intent.

Very enjoyable show

A real who's who of Aussie comedy presenting some great laughs
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