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Comedy | Thriller
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25 fps
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98 min
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6.4 / 10 
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Directors: Tony Martin [Director] ,

Movie Description:
Ben Kinnear and Mike Paddock are detectives with the Melbourne Police force's elite Zero Tolerance Unit. When a freak accident involving a dead magistrate lands them on the front page of the local paper, Ben and Mike are busted down to uniformed duties. But when Ben discovers a strange link between the accident and the business affairs of a shady casino boss he and Mike have been investigating, the pair decide they can no longer turn a blind eye to the corruption rife amongst their own colleagues.


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They don't make them like this anymore

Genuinely smart and funny writing. A gem that I take pleasure in introducing people to.

Do yourself a favour. Australian comedy doesn't get much funnier than this.

Classic Aussie funny film

Great film, the thugs in the scallop industry would love it. Although be careful of those red bellied black snakes.

This is dizzy stuff folks. Tony Martin is a genius.

Up there with The Castle, Short Bus and Meat Pie.

Some of the scenes are comedy gold with the visual aspects great.

Do yourself a favor and get this film on Video Disc or VHS.

Martin uses Franklin's brilliant straight-faced delivery, to help keep things from getting too serious. The debutante also livens things up with the use two truly excellent sight-gags, one of which is a hilarious narrated recollection by Franklin's character.

This film is good enough to even forgive the increasingly embarrassing number of times (four I think!) that the top of the boom mike can be seen in a couple of scenes. I don't think Mr. Martin will skip any more editing sessions for future projects! His raw talent, however, is plain to see. That, and the intelligence displayed in not trying to turn his debut film into more than it should be, has me looking forward to his next project.

A great Aussie film

If you like me are both Australian and love comedy this movie will be one of your favorites. Written by one of Australia's finest comedians, Tony Martin, this film explores the boundaries of comedy from hilarious characters to alternate slapstick. Also, it has so many great Aussie comedians and actors who it is a joy merely to see on screen. If this movie had more invested in advertising you would've already watched and written a review like this one. From the start the movie is hilarious with one of the greatest car scenes of all time and the unfortunate misguided zeal of the two protagonists. You won't stop laughing from then to the end. I've watched this film multiple times and got great joy from it, the world needs more Tony Martins!
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