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In Utero (2015) 1080p - Movie Poster
Documentary | Family
Frame Rate:
23.976 fps
English 2.0  
Run Time:
100 min
IMDB Rating:
8.3 / 10 
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Directors: Kathleen Man Gyllenhaal [Director] ,

Movie Description:
IN UTERO is a cinematic rumination on what will emerge as the most provocative subject of the 21st Century - life in the womb and its lasting impact. Epigenetics, biochemistry, Alice In Wonderland, The Matrix, scientists, psychologists and doctors converge to prove that we are not what we think we are. IN UTERO brings together for the first time convincing data that explains why some of us face challenges from the start while others thrive. Prepare to be surprised, intrigued, but no longer baffled by what the future holds for yourself, your loved ones, and the human race.


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