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Drama | Romance
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109 min
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6.5 / 10 
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Directors: Rodrigo Garcia [Director] ,

Movie Description:
Five loosely intertwined stories of the emotional issues facing individual middle-aged Angelenas are presented. In "This Is Dr. Keener", physician Elaine Keener is spending the day taking care of her invalid mother at home on the nurse's day off. Elaine, a scientist, seeks confirmation on what may be a turning point issue in her life by an unconventional means, namely a tarot card reading. Although the news Elaine receives through the reading is a largely accurate assessment of her current life, it is the news about that crossroads issue that takes her somewhat aback. In "Fantasies About Rebecca", thirty-nine year old Rebecca Waynon is outwardly in control of her life, from her job as a bank manager to her personal long term relationship with older Robert. A homeless woman named Nancy who hangs around outside the bank seems to have a clearer picture of what is truly happening with Rebecca than Rebecca herself, as is witnessed by Rebecca's ultimate reaction to an action in dealing with...


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Really Connecting or Lack There Of?

31 July 2010. It's really difficult to determine if these brief snippets of vignettes of various women really adequately depict, present a whole encompassing experience that captures the sense of connecting or the lack there of. Perhaps if there were four instead of five women much like the frenzy attempt in BABEL (2006), the comprehension and the depth of the experience seems to be almost scattered and strength and limited. The music, the silent pauses, the slice of life emotional sound bites do seem to prick and penetrate in both happiness, sadness, frankness, and at times shocking embarrassment. The music is creatively different and intriguingly beautiful while there pieces of dialogue that cut and dazzle, yet for all of it there seems like the stories are somehow diminished, thinned, and somewhat missing even though each story is able to impart a piece of itself with love and pain and hope.

Examining the female heart...but with a rather cold touch

A look at the lives of several different women in five separate stories. Writer-director Rodrigo García isn't indifferent to the characters he's depicting--one can sense that he wants to dig to the very core of a woman's emotional being with these portraits--but his chapters are handled oddly, in clinical fashion. Garcia also fails show off his star-actresses to their full advantages, particularly in the cases of Calista Flockhart and Holly Hunter--both weakly used. Of the group, Cameron Diaz is the most surprising, delivering a focused, balanced portrayal of a blind woman (her crying scene, shot in close-up, is quite stunning); however, these ladies aren't the living, breathing, suffering people they're meant to be. This unreleased theatrical feature, facile though it may be, was certainly a step forward in showcasing great femme talent, but the end result is a mixed-bag. ** from ****

This was real treat of writing, acting and direction

I don't know why I waited so long to see this film. Maybe the studio didn't do as much to promote this as it deserved.

A wonderfully told and supremely acted version of the flip-side to the coin of male angst in our 30's and 40's.

The casting was brilliant and every single actor gave what you'd except from their previous efforts. Cameron Diaz, though was an exception. Her portrayal of Amy's sister was a remarkable and well-delivered effort.

I would recommend this film as a must see - for both women who are looking for the loves of their life, as well as men who don't realize they're out there. Also hoping to stumble on the perfect match.
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