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Action | Thriller
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96 min
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3.4 / 10 
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Directors: Michael Oblowitz [Director] ,

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Jonathon Cold is a freelance agent hired by a mysterious man to deliver a package from France to Germany. The contents of the package remain undisclosed, even between employer and employee, but whatever it contains seems to be attracting a swarm of political corruption, backstabbing bad guys and murder. However, Cold knows he must stay one step ahead of the evil powers at work, whoever they are, no matter what the cost, as it increasingly becomes a game of step on or be stepped on.


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All I remember is the soviet Norway

Since I'm from Norway (one of the top ten (or so) richest countries in the world), it was much fun to watch how we use trucks from the 50ies and live in cottages from the medieval times. And since we have very strict laws when it comes to handguns, it was fun to see how much guns there actually were in Norway during the five minutes of the shooting there. Mr. Direct-to-video even managed to bring his silencer on short notice, so he must have powerful friends in the customs.

Please do at least _some_ research before going to an "exotic" country, dudes -- you may hurt the feelings of old fans.

Sverre -- old fan with hurt feelings.

A real Bomb

Always enjoy Steven Seagal in most of his films, however, this film was simply horrible. Steven Seagal,(Jonathan Cold),"Today You Die",'05, was a wheeler dealer of a character and had just finished an assignment for a creepy looking sinister under-world person. Once again, Jonathan decides to take on another case to deliver a package. Everybody seems to want this package for some reason and all kinds of hoods decided to go after Jonathan and secure this important package. There is one hood that Jonathan tries to kill over and over and over again and never seems to succeed. Anna Louise Plowman(Mrs. Meredeth Van Aiken),"Shanghai Knights",'03 plays the wife of a very rich man who wants this package and Mrs. Van Aiken has some dealings with Jonathan, but not romantic. This entire picture is a Merry-go-round of simply a package and hoods never being able to be Killed.

OK.....what happened here?

When you watch a Seagal movie, you expect good action. You expect fighting, not just a lot of shooting like in this flick. And: you expect a rather simple story. OK, I can live with a more complex story even though it's a Seagal movie. But this one, this is, I don't know what to say. It's very, very confusing indeed. At the end of the movie, I had major problems figuring out what had happened. And I know I'm not the only one. The story lacks so much information and is so full of plot holes that it's nearly impossible to keep track of what's happening in the movie. There are many people in the movie, people change sides all the time, and it switches locations too often. Terrible. I just don't understand why it looks like Seagal is making a sort of sequel to this one.
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