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  • Gabriel's Rapture (2020) - Movie Scene 1
  • Gabriel's Rapture (2020) - Movie Scene 2
  • Gabriel's Rapture (2020) - Movie Scene 1

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Another wannabe Fifty Shades

Another lame wannabe Fifty Shades of Grey films. Terrible writing and acting. How many versions of the book is Tosca Musk going to attempt? It's even worse than his previous one, Gabriel's Inferno, of which currently has 311 reviews, 300 are all bogus 10/10's, so expect the same bogus ratings and reviews for one. Don't wast your time on this hot mess. Tosca, please stop. 1/10

Tosca Musk, please stop.

Is Tosca Musk obsessed with making lame wannabe Fifty Shades of Grey films? It's pathetic that his previous one, Gabriel's Inferno, was a dumpster full of mess, and this one is even more lame. His "Inferno" has 311 reviews, 300 are all bogus 10/10's smh, so expect the same deceitful ratings and reviews for this hot mess. Don't waste your time with this one either.

Good story but NOT a good film

It has potential in its story, but i personally feel that the film is poorly made, with poor choices of lead actor/actress, and poor script lines delivered. The supporting actors/actresses were much better though.

No idea why it has been compared with Fifty Shades of Grey, cos they are definitely nowhere near the quality of Fifty Shades of Grey (in terms of film adaptation, NOT the story).

Once again, I reiterate, THE STORY IS GOOD, BUT THE FILM IS POOR.
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