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Comedy | Western
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85 min
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6.2 / 10 
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Directors: Burt Kennedy [Director] ,

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Ben and Howdy are a couple of aging cowboys who bust broncos out of Sedona for Jim Ed Love, a slick operator if ever there was one. Sisters, Meg and Agatha, have their eyes on Ben and Howdy, but the boys aren't ready to settle down yet. They spend the winter in the high country corralling more than 100 stray cattle at $7 a head for Jim Ed. Most years, they blow their winter pay in one spring night at a Sedona bar, but this year, Ben and Howdy have a plan: to take an ornery roan that Ben has been unable to break and bet their bankroll that no cowboy at the Sedona rodeo can stay on the horse. What will they do if they win - marry the sisters or head for Tahiti?


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Gorgeous scenery, entertaining laid back story, great cast.

The first time I was in Sedona was four years after this film was released. The next time I was there was 40 years later. I was so disappointed at what so-called "Development" had done to this beautiful area. The running joke with 'the roan" goes on just a little too long, but I still like watching this film again whenever the opportunity arises. The casting is just about perfect. Henry Fonda is so convincing as Howdy, a cowboy whose not going anywhere and doesn't let it bother him. Hope Holiday is perfect as the one especially ditzy blonde.

This Ford And Fonda Film Falls Flat

Promotional materials promise that this film will be "hilarious" and "action-filled". It is neither. One can expect to be mildly amused as this languid modern-day western plots the unspectacular doings of two older cowboys who bust broncos and corral stray cattle.

What this film does deliver is eighty-five minutes of congenial, dadgum jaw wobblin' and hob raisin'. Glenn Ford and Henry Fonda star in this lackluster misfit only one year after starring in "Dear Heart" and "Fail-Safe", respectively. Neither of those films is fast-paced, but they illustrate how to better use the talents of these two.

The real "star" of the film is a cantankerous horse that acts as their antagonist and drives much of the action. Those who love animals may not like the use of bucking straps to create many of the scenes.

This film is uninspired, but it will probably please those who adore Ford or Fonda.

Great Cast/Much More Than I Expected

A couple of saddle busters, Glenn Ford and Henry Fonda are getting tired of falling off horses. They have the most fruitless jobs and no sense of money or the future. The work for great character actor Chill Wills who knows just how to manipulate them and keep them broke. There are a couple women after them but matrimony isn't for them at this stage. Everything ends up depending on a horse that has incredible spirit. Take a look at the cast list with some of the best character actors of the time. Of course, the stars are no slouches either. It's such fun to see Henry Fonda in perpetual pain. A real sleeper of a movie.
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