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Director Alan Smithee comes to Hollywood to make a movie. Due to a variety of factors, he decides to disown it and direct it under a pseudonym. Unfortunately, the Director's Guild requires that if a director disowns a movie in this fashion, he *must* use the official Director's Guild pseudonym...which happens to be Alan Smithee.


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Burn this movie

Burn Hollywood Burn is a terrible movie in every sense of the word and its only redeeming quality is because of an accident that occurred after filming concluded.

On concept this high brow yet simple movie of mockery is a thing of genius. I mean make a movie about a guy named Alen Smithee whom is losing control of a big budget movie. However, he cannot disavow the movie because he is the "fake name" he is Alen Smithee. Now thats funny (but maybe only if you know movie history?) Perhaps it is to high brow because nobody went to see this film. OR perhaps it is to English (ie Eric Idle as the leading role). Or perhaps it is just plan terrible.

The movie basically, rather than poking fun at Hollywood and the stream of never ending big budget special effect extravaganzas (which Eric Idle's character is making 1 of), pokes fun at itself instead. It jokes about the movie being made is worse than Showgirls (BHB is from the writer of Showgirls), but in reality the movie (BHB) itself is worse than Showgirls.

The actors just don't have any fun and are not very good.

They are stuck in the middle of hamming it up and actually acting.

This is probably because the fake movie is supposed to be bad, but instead that badness overflows into the real movie.

Jackie Chan, Sly Stallone, and Whoppie Goldberg cameo as overpaid and past their prime actors demanding huge wages and silly concessions and while some aspects are true, they don't all apply to the actors (Jackie Chan wanting like red M&ms taken out or something?) Anyway, the movie turned out to be directed by Alan Smithee which is almost a saving grace, but it had to be the writers cut which survived to get that moniker and not the directors cut. (the incident occurring after filming wrapped) Perhaps doing as such was a lame attempt to save a lame movie, but this movie about making a bad movie turned out to be just that= aka A BAD movie

Engagingingly funny, but for a limited audience

If you are in the feature film industry, what makes this picture so funny is the close parody... some of the characters appear to be modeled on real people. It would not be too far a stretch of the imagination to believe that two of the characters are parodies of Peter Guber and John Peters of Sony Pictures. Read the true story of these two guys' careers, documented in the book, Hit and Run, then watch Burn Hollywood Burn again. You will probably find the film twice as entertaining as the first time you watched it. After having last watched the film 7 years ago, I bought the DVD this week because I wanted to see if I could grab the title track that I liked, and I also clearly remembered (and liked) the graffiti art that was drawn for the movie title. Once I got the DVD in my hands, though, I watched the film all the way through again, and enjoyed it every bit as much as the first time I saw it.

My Two Cents

All I can think about this horrid piece of crap is:

"Oh, Jesus Christ."

The "idea" of this movie is a good idea. The execution of this film was the worst. Some say, "Well it's an inside Hollywood joke." No, it isn't. "Kid Notorious" on Comedy Central is an inside Hollywood joke. Joe Ester-whosits is an inside Hollywood joke -- that continues to get a paycheck. But...there isn't anything actually WRONG with we can all see, there are many inside Hollywood jokes that are getting paychecks while talent is still knocking at the door.

As I've written, the IDEA of this film was a savvy one -- it just doesn't transfer--or makes sense -- in this film. We all know who "Alan Smithee" is and its kinda funny to see a real "Alan Smithee" want to take his make off of a film. Funny -- for about 15 seconds. Then we have a whole 'nother hour or so of this movie to go, of nothing but pure hell masquerading as "a Hollywood inside joke".

The guy who writes on Bazooka Joe Bubble Gum wrappers would have done this film better. Much Better. 'Oscar' Caliber better. Okay, I went a bit too far on the last better comparison.

Or did I?!?!?
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