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Action | Crime
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23.976 fps
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96 min
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5.2 / 10 
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Directors: Don E. FauntLeRoy [Director] ,

Movie Description:
When a dedicated police officer is murdered, his father goes on a hunt for the people responsible.


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Better Than His Recent Efforts, But Still Not Good

I just watched Urban Justice (2007)

I was expecting this to be better than what it was, as a few friends like it, and I was led into the thinking, that it was the start of a few good ones.

The explosive squibs are amazingly bloody!! For his part Seagal does at least look like he is trying, and as far as I could tell, there were no body or voice doubles. The movie could have used much more Danny Trejo, as his screen time is pretty limited.

Eddie Griffin is one annoying man!! Urrrgghhhh he seriously irked me!! He has only one scene with Seagal, at the end, Griffin comes at him from behind, holding a gun. Seagal disarms him (obviously!! He is Steven Seagal) tells him "I have no beef with you", then hands him the gun back and walks off. Griffin replies "That's gangstah." what the hell??

Final verdict, maybe if I watched this closer to the last batch, I would have appreciated it more!! As it was better than them, , but as the first one to restart them with, I did not enjoy it.

Special forces in the hood

Steven Seagal is back to L.A. playing a former special-ops agent. His son is gunned down in a drive-by shooting where there were no witnesses. To find his son's killer he probes local killer gangs, unleasing some of his own justice on treacherous streets and towards other unseen forces.It's short on plot, heavy on action. Seagal convinces us of a ruthlessness and amorality about his character in the pursuit of his son's killer.A footnote: the production standards here are the highest for ten years in Seagal's film canon, the last of which was "The Glimmer Man" which preceded a long succession of lower budget direct-to-video films.

Yep, another generic Seagal movie...

If you have seen any one Steven Seagal movie, then you basically have seen them all. This movie follows the stereotypical Seagal recipe of how to make an action movie. You take away a man's most important thing in the world, and that man will take on a whole gang land neighborhood and emerge victorious.

Yep, it most definitely is an average Seagal movie, as he beats everyone, regardless of their skill and weaponry. And he only gets shot once, of course, while he himself takes down numerous gang members.

The story is about Simon Ballister (played by Steven Seagal) who moves into a neighborhood under gang domination, after his son was shot dead here. As the local police is unable to uncover the murderer, Simon takes matters into his own hands and sets out to find his son's murderer, taking down everyone who stands in his way.

The typical solo Seagal hero against overwhelming odds. But hold your horses, this time is he is not an ex-Black Op, ex-CIA agent, or ex-whatever. No, to add mystery, we don't get any information on his background or how come he singlehandedly defeats a whole neighborhood.

"Urban Justice" is filled with ridiculous blood sprays whenever someone is shot. The blood sprays several feet away from the one injured, both in front and back. Yeah! That's what I thought too. That was just lame.

The action teddy bear (Seagal) does deliver his usual performance, both in acting and in fighting sequences. "Urban Justice" is good enough entertainment, taking into consideration that this is a very average Seagal movie.
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