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Released from prison and placed on probation, Tijuana Jackson sets out to fulfill his dream of becoming a world renowned motivational speaker but fails to comply with strict orders from his no-nonsense probation officer. Chasing a life changing opportunity, he violates his parole, flees his jurisdiction, abandoning his family and community in the process. Facing more jail time and cut off from the only support system he's ever had, TJ must master the art of achieving selfless success through serving his community or fail miserably serving time.


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Purpose Over Prison is THE movie 2020 didn't know it needed!

Tijuana Jackson Purpose Over Prison was filmed a few years ago, but couldn't have been released at a more poignant moment in history. With the current climate finally shedding light on topics long hidden from the public view, this movie reinforces the truths being shared all over social media today. Tijuana's story shows the truth of the criminal "justice" system. It also reveals how families shun, rather than support inmates as they exit prison, and try to find their feet. Watching the pain in TJ's face as he tries to integrate with society... well let's just say it broke my heart. It reminds me of times I have watched exactly this scene play out with loved ones, and it showed me where I played the role of fed-up sister. It was truly transformational, and really helped me see where I can be a better support person and advocate.

You can't afford to miss this film. The creator and star Romany Malco, is a visionary, a groundbreaker, and a man before his time. If I had to pick only one person to follow in the film industry for the rest of my days, it would be Romany. Hands down.

To be totally honest, I laughed and cried through the whole thing. Then I rented it again, with the same results. I can't wait to purchase the DVD copy, and I am even more excited to see where TJ's story goes next.

Well worth three wait!

A creative look at the criminal justice system and how the American dream may not be realized by everyone with a dash of comedy. A must watch.

Funny and Honest

I love this movie..... I can relate to this movie plus it's hella funny.
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