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Action | Horror
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94 min
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3.3 / 10 
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Directors: Darin Scott [Director] ,

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Almost two decades after the underwater carnage in Deep Blue Sea (1999), the shark conservationist, Misty Calhoun, accepts the pharmaceutical billionaire Carl Durant's invitation to join his team of marine biologists in the Akhelios Complex: a sophisticated research facility in the middle of the ocean. Intent on succeeding where the ambitious Aquatica Project has failed, instead, Durant makes the same mistake, and genetically enhances the brains of his bull shark specimens with a highly experimental formula, transforming them into smarter and deadlier predators. Now, one of them is pregnant. Can the team survive the onslaught of the super-sharks?


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Not good

This movie was so bad I think it gave me cancer. Terrible plot, terrible acting.

Boring as hell!!

So, I was super excited when I heard about this film and couldn't wait to grab it on dvd.I watched it today and I was so so disappointed. You barely see any of the sharks and the characters are bland and very forgettable.I absolutely hated the fact that it was mostly filmed in a horrible blue or green colour which I found very annoying.I really struggled to hold my attention to this and found myself getting bored.Unless you are watching this for free I wouldn't recommend buying it! The original out shines this garbage by far!!

This film has inspired me to take up contact sports in the hope that head trauma will make me forget the last 90 minutes.

I have never reviewed a film in my entire life, this film drove me to log into various platforms just so that when I am long gone, I can take solace in the fact that I may have saved someone an hour and a half of their life.

There is not a single redeeming factor for this film, the idea that it is even associated with the first masterpiece of shark thriller that was the original Deep Blue Sea is an atrocity. From Busty "Misty" McGee the "marine biologist" with a fundamental misunderstanding of physiology, to the poor mans hero with the patchy moustache who so wisely pronounces the eviscerated corpse dead - the quality of acting is almost as laughable as the fact that the aforementioned stripper-esque shark specialist can outswim an adult giant bull shark. Save yourself some time, and some brain cells and rewatch deep blue sea or jaws, hell even the jaws sequels - just do not watch this film and know that I truly hate this sorry attempt at a shark film from the very core of my being.
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