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Shudder's 'Host' (2020) is about a group of friends who summon a nasty supernatural entity while holding a seance over Zoom. It was written, directed and filmed entirely during the 2020 lockdown - the cast actually were in their own homes and never met with their director. That's definitely one new way to make a movie and made me intrigued to check it out.If you've seen any of the 'Unfriended' or 'Paranormal Activity' movies then know what to expect. It's got a just over 50 minute running time (fitting considering Zoom time limitations) and is a quick and easy watch. While not amazing, I appreciated the effort put into it and it held my attention. The actors are good and it feels authentic. There's also some good spooks towards the end that were executed well enough.I saw a familiar Skype demon horror 'E-Demon' last year and it's leagues better than that and that was a full-length movie. Also better than a lot of crappy Ouija Z-movies you'll find right at the bottom of Amazon Prime or Netflix. It's worth checking out, overall. Good effort from all involved. But if you hate low-budget horror movies and didn't enjoy Unfriended or PA, then watch something else.6/10.


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This movie creeped the heck out of me.

Though full of mostly jump scares, this movie made me "sol"(scream out loud) a few times. Definitely one of the better "found footage" type of films I've seen as far as the acting and storyline goes. I prefer psychological horror vs slasher films and this movie def creeped me out. Mucho recommend!!

Pleasantly surprised

I heard nothing about this movie, just saw it on Shudder this weekend and was completely blown away. The concept is a group of friends decide to hold a seance on Zoom. Things do not go well. Since the pandemic started I have used Zoom on a near daily basis and initially wanted nothing to do with this movie because of that. I'm certainly glad I gave in and watched it. There were enough jump scares to keep me riveted and the acting performances were pretty damn stellar. I didn't recognize any of the actresses in the film which made even more surprising. I do hope though that this does not become the new "found footage" trend. If it does though, count this movie as among the top.

Refreshing, eerie and fun.

What a great little horror. Very well made and the duration of just under an hour was perfect. Im not necessarily a big fan of "supernatural horror" but the movie being played out on computer screen made it much more appealing to myself. This is the first horror in a while that put my hairs up. Definitely recommend.
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