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Shudder's 'Host' (2020) is about a group of friends who summon a nasty supernatural entity while holding a seance over Zoom. It was written, directed and filmed entirely during the 2020 lockdown - the cast actually were in their own homes and never met with their director. That's definitely one new way to make a movie and made me intrigued to check it out.If you've seen any of the 'Unfriended' or 'Paranormal Activity' movies then know what to expect. It's got a just over 50 minute running time (fitting considering Zoom time limitations) and is a quick and easy watch. While not amazing, I appreciated the effort put into it and it held my attention. The actors are good and it feels authentic. There's also some good spooks towards the end that were executed well enough.I saw a familiar Skype demon horror 'E-Demon' last year and it's leagues better than that and that was a full-length movie. Also better than a lot of crappy Ouija Z-movies you'll find right at the bottom of Amazon Prime or Netflix. It's worth checking out, overall. Good effort from all involved. But if you hate low-budget horror movies and didn't enjoy Unfriended or PA, then watch something else.6/10.


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Creepy jumps

An atmospheric chiller with believable natural characters that draw you in to their joint Zoom séance. The movies low budget was rendered irrelevant due to the good timing and imagination of the director. However it's weakness was the lack of narrative and short running time; the film was more an episode in a horror TV show and so should be watched in that light to enjoy an hour's creepiness.


I liked this film because it didnt hang around and drag its feet like a movie that is 90 odd minutes long .its only an hour long and it certainly delivered!Enjoyed it very much

Genuinely one of the most well thought out horrors I've seen

Ok-so I'm an actor. An actor who does a fair chunk of horror. An actor, who does a large chunk of horror who also LOVES horror. This is one of the most well executed horror movies I have EVER seen, from a simple but well executed story to an absurdly strong cast, to pace that at no point lagged. It is a testament to Sheppard and Savage and their cast that I screamed at various points throughout the film-very few horror films elicit such a visceral response from me, and I watch enough of them that I can be numb to a lot of scares. Sometimes low budget and adverse conditions help facilitate a work that stays with you and that's exactly what's happened here.
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