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Brock: Over the Top is a feature length documentary that not only chronicles the extraordinary life of Australia's greatest racing car driver, Peter Brock, but peels away the surface to reveal the profoundly human story behind the legend. This film is a cinematic, thrilling yet intimately personal portrait of a life lived on the racing track and in the public eye. Using a treasure trove of rare archival material coupled with candid interviews with the key characters in Peter Brock's life including his family, his partners, and closest colleagues, this film tells the epic story of Brock's early obsession with cars, his hard won ascension to the top, his incredible record-breaking victories at Bathurst, his various professional and personal controversies, and his ultimate, tragic death on the race track.


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For Aussies and Racing Fans

A well rounded look at motor sport icon Peter Brock that goes beyond his racing exploits to look at the cost that was paid by both him and his family.

Doesn't shy away from challenging topics such as domestic violence, insecurities, selfishness, whilst sharing the love that his family and most of Australia had for him.

Great to see the old cars again and watch the footage with more of an understanding of what was happening behind the scenes.

I was a big fan as a kid and he gave me my love for the time he was an icon...a I can see him as a man, both weak and strong.

Congratulations to all involved.

Brock Doc a Winner

When a doc about a sporting icon, particularly a motor sporting icon can entertain punters previously not the least bit interest in such subject matter .... then you know it's a winner! Brock: Over the Top is just that doc.

Peter Brock is a legend of Australian Motor Racing, so the appeal will be with Australians first but there is a human interest story behind a man with a will to win but who had frailties so comon for enigma s like Brock.

Love the man, love the doco!

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