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Biography | Crime
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135 min
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6.2 / 10 
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Directors: Daniel Roby [Director] ,

Movie Description:
Ex heroin junkie, Daniel Léger, gets involved in a drug deal with the wrong people for the wrong reasons. When the deal goes sour, Daniel gets thrown into a Thai prison and slapped with a 100-year sentence. While he tries to survive his Bangkok incarceration, the news of his conviction captures the attention of Globe and Mail journalist Victor Malarek, who decides to go after the shady undercover cops responsible for wrongly accusing Daniel.


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unconvincing at first? i know

First of all, Great performance !! Josh Harnett was delivered a really good performance. So do the rest of the actor.

i loved the story, its gonna pump you chess up. i'm going to say that not everybody gonna like this story, but for me its pretty good. They way they executed all of it was brilliant. you can tell that this not that movie with a 'budget'. But the fact that they still doing a good job was a PLUS.

Great detail for me for making that 80' vibes

Well researched, surprisingly accurate for a relatively low budget Canadian movie.

Well worth a watch! A credible account that was well depicted.

I can't speak for 80's Canada but it got 80's Thailand spot on. DEA and British customs were very active in Thailand at that time. They pressured the Thai police which vigorously targeted foreigners, escalating the severity of relatively minor drug offences, and if they didn't have the funds to buy their way out of trouble, in they went. To divert attention from the real ( protected) players, to satisfy visable Thai compliance, to deter chancers and predominantly to bolster publicity for Reagan and daddy Bush's, well funded and highly lucrative "just say no! " "war on drugs."

There from 84 to 92. The film brought back a lot of memories, not least those shackles that Justin Jackson mentions. I'd forgotten that peeling blue/green paint was everywhere. Apart from a lack locked up foreigners (among other nationalities lots of Nigerian mules were convicted around that time) the film depicts the situation and era very well.

Don't recommend

During the film the camera was shaking. Music was very loud. Acting is poor even though the plot is interesting except Josh Hartnett. Very disappointing!
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