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Adventure | Sport
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29.97 fps
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113 min
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7.9 / 10 
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Movie Description:
This film is an excellently shot documentary about parkour and free running on rooftops. The film is a sequel to "Roof Culture" a five-minute video on their youtube channel that inspired a culture od parkour and free runners exploring roofs and doing parkour. The film features incredible stunts performed by the team Storror as well as some interesting background info on what/why they were doing what they were doing.


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Good Spirits

In the spirit of adventure, competes with some of the best snowboarding and climbing docs. Reminds me a bit of a cross between Man On Wire and The Art of Flight. Well, would have liked to have given it a shot myself, looks fun - highly unlikely these days though, I'm past my prime. DP and crew did well with such a small team to capture the footage they did, looks great. Really captures the essence of the sport and a glimpse into life in 3 top Asian cities.

What a documentary!!

I have been following storror for the past few years. I think this documentary shows how their parkour skills and their mentality have developed in order to perfectly execute dangerous jumps across skyscrapers. The narration is also done perfectly to engage the viewer to the activities of the storror crew. Just as in the storror videos on YouTube it so nice to see the friendship between the guys and how this connection also enabled them to tackle the many challenges. I highly recommended this documentary to watch.

Bunch of entitled British millennial c****

These are molly coddled rich kids with no credibility in their interviews putting their lives at risk for no reason whatsoever. They interviewed themselves like they're established, recognised stars of the world with huge amounts of life experience. Nothing could be further from the truth.
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