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Comedy | Romance
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90 min
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7.2 / 10 
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Directors: Max Barbakow [Director] ,

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While stuck at a wedding in Palm Springs, Nyles (Andy Samberg) meets Sarah (Cristin Milioti), the maid of honor and family black sheep. After he rescues her from a disastrous toast, Sarah becomes drawn to Nyles and his offbeat nihilism. But when their impromptu tryst is thwarted by a surreal interruption, Sarah must join Nyles in embracing the idea that nothing really matters, and they begin wreaking spirited havoc on the wedding celebration.


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Enjoyable but no Groundhog Day

A good movie to watch if you want to kill a couple hours. The two leads are pleasant and I liked their chemistry but the movie was just not as well crafted as Groundhog Day which includes the attention to detail. Admittedly GD is one of my all time favorites so it's a high bar. The lead often doesn't act like a guy stuck in a loop for a long time. Also they didn't tell Roy what they discovered near the end which is a big loose end. They could have don't without the cheesy effects used to demonstrate traveling through dimensions or whatever.

Immortality, yea or nay?

New twist on living each day over again. Made me think "Would I really want to be immortal?" I really liked this movie. It's all about the mood your in. Just go with the flow and enjoy. Peace.

Delightful, sweet, and charming

Ha! This movie is bold, sweet, and funny!

I'm 65 years old and generally a prude when it comes to sex and violence. But this was a charmingly-delightful experience into a clever time-loop snafu, so I got over the cartoon sex and cartoon violence.

Andy Samberg captures some of Bill Murray's frustration in Groundhog Day but then makes it charmingly his own. Andy is exhausted but then added into the mix is the captivating Cristin Milioti. And then things just take off in a bizarre way.

The bar dance was mesmerizing and hilarious. Bonus points for the great J.K Simmons who stole every scene he was in. Bonus points for the amazing chemistry of Samberg and Milioti.

I'll let the rest of the reviewers discuss direction, set design, editing, and cinematography - but all were perfect.

In a normal year, this film would've garnered many academy award nominations. Maybe Best Picture would've gone to such a unique comedy. Who knows how the 2020 AA will shake out but this movie is just charming and delightful. Watch and enjoy! It's laugh-out-loud fun and just so sweet.
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