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140 min
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2.9 / 10 
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Directors: Michael Feifer [Director] ,

Movie Description:
Haunted by wartime horrors, Civil War soldier-turned-bounty-hunter Frank Connor (Neal Bledsoe) spends his time post-war polishing off two things: whiskey and fugitives. When two desperate children arrive on his doorstep and enlist his help to find their missing mother (AnnaLynne McCord), Frank must face his past in order to take down the notorious Major Briggs (Rob Mayes), with whom he has a score all his own to settle.


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Boring, nonsensical story. I lasted to almost the 2-hour mark. No build-up of anything, no attachment to any of the characters, silly dialogue. Avoid.

So very bad

Acting is so terrible. It's hard to describe how bad the acting is. It's like a primary school decided to put on a play.

The script is even worse and the plot makes no sense.


Boring and acting was horrible ....I couldn't finish watching it.
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