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3.8 / 10 
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Directors: Uwe Boll [Director] ,

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Set in the kingdom of Ehb, the story follows Farmer (Jason Statham), who was adopted by his village. When Farmer's wife, Solana (Claire Forlani), and his son leave to sell vegetables at the town of Stonebridge, Farmer's farm is attacked by creatures called Krugs. With the help of his friend and neighbor Norrick (Ron Perlman), he travels to Stonebridge where his wife and son are. Before he arrives, the Krugs, controlled by the wizard Gallian (Ray Liotta), kill his son and capture his wife. Farmer, with the help of Bastian (Will Sanderson), his brother-in-law, and Norrick sets out to find and rescue his wife. The King's nephew Fallow (Matthew Lillard) is conspiring with the wizard Gallian to take over the kingdom led by King Konreid ('Burt Reynolds').


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All the 1 reviews are bandwagon. It's not that bad. 5 1/2 *

Okay, a crap script. Serious problem with that. But some good acting, beautiful sets, nicely shot, good special effects. If you want to see a fantasy movie, and you have seen all the good ones, this is worth a spin. Loads of action. Well choreographed. The trailer movies on the DVD imply you are an idiot man who likes to watch movies for the boobs and violence, which doesn't set the mood, I admit. But there is no exploitation of women in this movie, and some of the women even take up swords. So, okay, this isn't Shakespeare. If fact, prepare thyself for character arcs that are vapid and almost theme-less. It's basically a medieval/supernatural revenge tale. But if you're just looking for a no-brainer fix of non-dragon fantasy and action, especially on a weekend afternoon, you will enjoy this. Jason S. is excellent.


Quote from the movie's opening lines:

Muriella (Leelee Sobieski): "I knew you'd come." Gallian (Ray Liotta): "I told you I would." Muriella (Leelee Sobieski): "I mean, I felt it. I felt it before you came." Gallian (Ray Liotta): "You are developing your powers well, Muriella. Our time together is paying off!"

Pretty much encapsulates what's wrong with this flick. The dialogue is horrible, the script and director give the actors nothing meaningful to work with and the setup is completely cardboard in its appeal.

Don't get me wrong, cardboard can be entertaining, so long as some of the other elements of successful filmmaking come together, as well. No such luck, here.

As other reviewers have pointed out, the action choreography is lame, the camera work weak, the editing often insane, the art direction and cinematography limited or nonexistent, the musical score pointless at best...where to begin?

Well, I have nothing personal against a silly, anachronistic, amateurish action movie script that is concocted as a means of wiling away a harmless hour or two, even when it results in bad acting because of the director's complete lack of vision. It's kind of fun to observe how certain actors manage themselves in such a void. And as bad as he was in his role as King Konreid, Burt Reynolds was quite entertainingly cardboard, in my opinion. He walked right through the role playing his bored, wig-wearing self, and he was the only thing I could readily remember, months after I had seen this movie. He was so bad he actually stood out amongst this filmic muck...for the wrong reasons, of course.

A friend of mine had loaned me the DVD, along with several other movies he owns, but I couldn't be sure, months later, whether I had returned this one or something similar. So after searching my place recently to no avail, I was racking my brains for the name of the title, and I finally resorted to searching online using Reynolds' name and the word "king." That was all I could remember of this dud.

Pretty sad, huh? That my memory seems to be failing me. Or that Burt Reynolds in a miscast role is the most memorable thing in a movie starring Ray Liotta, also miscast, with Matthew Lillard, also miscast. The list of miscast actors taking away career embarrassment and (presumably, hopefully) a hefty paycheck in exchange for their participation in this $60m stinker continues most of the way down the line.

A possible exception, and what stands out in retrospect for me the most since my memory has now had a chance to be prompted by IMDb's cast listing for the movie, is that I was barely able to recall John Rhys-Davies or Kristanna Loken in their respective, fairly substantial roles here. I think this may be a compliment to the jobs they did, because it may mean that they turned in acting performances that rose above the level of outright ridiculousness, and they thereby avoided the WTF stare I was giving the rest of the cast.

I can't be sure, though. 'Cause none of this movie was memorable for the right reasons.

It's awesome, believe it or not!

This movie has Jason Statham drop-kicking orcs, has flaming orcs used as catapult ammunition, has Burt Reynolds in a ridiculous oversized helmet looking exactly like an imperial town guard from Morrowind (his King's Guard also consists of domino-wearing dual-wielding ninjas who always enter a scene with special fanfare), and many other goodies too: John Rhys-Davies playing Gandalf, Ray Liotta as a very campy villain with a funny accent, a whole gang of forest-dwelling... er... amazons??... with vine-commanding powers Tarzaning around the woods, and Ron Perlman too, leading a pig on a leash before kicking orc ass himself. C'mon people, give Uwe a chance. This movie is awesome.

We also get Claire Forlani as Statham's wife, Leelee Sobieski in plate armour, why not, a comic relief secondary villain who wants to be king, and Mike Dopud -- Stargate fans, for one, will know his name -- doing his best bearded impression of an Anglo-Saxon warrior. Oh, and let's not forget that Jason Statham, who is so very important in the final act, is never given any armour and fights in the thickest of mêlées in a cloth shirt. I guess the armour might hamper his ability to drop-kick orcs and run on their shoulders... or was that some other film?...

This movie is Uwe Boll's masterpiece. With a very high budget (especially compared to its atrocious sequels), it's Boll's "Lord of the Rings". Massive battles with actual actors, costumed orcs in fairly large numbers, sweeping shots and good matte paintings.Don't get me wrong, this movie is very far from the quality of the actual LotR films, but still manages to be truly entertaining and fun.

Don't take it too seriously, don't go in expecting a cinematic masterpiece, and don't let Boll's infamy cloud your judgement. This one is worth a watch... even two in my case, as I rewatched it years after seeing it for the first time, and was thoroughly entertained throughout; I'll probably rewatch it again after a few more years and enjoy it greatly once again.

I swear to God, it's ridiculous how much Burt Reynolds looks like one of the guards in Seyda Neen in Morrowind (that's "The Elder Scrolls III", a game from 2002, for those not in the know). It's glorious and I can't take him seriously at all.

This film is much, much better than people give it credit for. The same is not true for other Boll movies, I concur, but this one is pretty entertaining -- a perfect storm of ludicrous and wonderful. I thoroughly recommend it.
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