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Crime | Drama
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144 min
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7 / 10 
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Directors: Erick Zonca [Director] ,

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Julia is a drunk. She loses her job in real estate and at an A.A. meeting meets a neighbor, Elena, an addled Mexican woman who talks about having lots of money and a plan to kidnap her own son from the boy's grandfather, a wealthy businessman. Elena wants Julia's help. Julia says yes with her own plan to do this alone. Following Elena's plan, Julia manages to grab the boy, Tom, who's about 10. Now what? She asks for a ransom. Tom's grandfather and his money are connected directly to Mexican drug trafficking, so Julia is up against long odds. Will anyone make it out alive?


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Slow as a tortuga.

With the amount of talent in this cast there should've been more. The pace was too slow. The "bond" they tried to build between Julia and Tom was severely lacking. By the time any action happens the movie is 80% over. If it wasn't on TV for free, I wouldn't waste money on it.


Julia is a lot of things. It's one of the craziest movies I've ever seen, and Tilda Swinton gives the best performance of her career. A one-of-kind thriller that's entertaining as hell, thrilling, hilarious and devilishly twisted.

The filmmakers must really hate AA

One thing I learned from this film: stay away from AA meetings or alcholics. Sorry, but this is an incredibility stupid and unbelievable film. Everyone associated with AA in the film is really twisted and sick,even the lone person that trys to disuade Julia from kidnapping isn't very forcefull. The crime is taken with as much seriousness as perhaps someone stealing a petty cash account from their job. The film may have worked if it took itself seriously as a character study of how dangerous an unrecovered alcoholic can be, but it elvolves into somekind of chase film that resembles the 1980 "Gloria", with "Gloria" being a far more pausable film. Also, in Gloria, the main character did not set out to commit any crime, the boy was thrust into her life. Oh, did I forget to mention how nicely Mexican people are portrayed in this film, they are either psychoic or ruthless criminals. Hard to believe in 2009, by a politically correct French filmmaker no less, could an entire counrty and people be treated so shabby. The writers and director should be ashamed of themselves.
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