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Action | Drama
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23.976 fps
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97 min
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5 / 10 
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Directors: Paul Maslak [Director] ,

Movie Description:
Expert witness/psychologist secretly stalks her family's killers using E.S.P. While still under investigation by the police detective on the case, she falls in love with an attorney she comes to believe can lead her to the guilty parties.


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How on earth did this get a 5???

The script is amateur hour, at best; the delivery is even worse.

Sure there're some okay fight scenes but they are NOT worth the pain!

Look elsewhere.

mixed bag

A bit of an oddball mix of cringy corny acting, broody seriousness, goofy slapstick, violence, courtroom drama and martial art street fights.Cynthia brings her usual badass sexual on-screen presence, which just about carries her wooden acting. The soundtrack is out of place and the psychic stuff is just lazy nonsense. Entertaining enough if you like your 90s action with a female flavour.

Average for the genre.

Some of the reviews of this have been very harsh. Cynthia is one of the most qualified of any of the martial artists ever to act in movies. That statement includes the men and if you don't think this is true look it up. Her career has obviously changed over the years. Her best action movies were made in Hong Kong so check those out if you wish to see her at her peak. However her 1990s movies are more suited to her age with less action and more dialogue. I had to laugh when I saw one review which was critical of her figure. This is the only time I saw her strip off in a movie and she has an amazing figure. She is obviously very athletic and fit so I dont see the problem When you consider what Segal looks like these days and he is still churning out action movie it makes me wonder if these reviewers are also critical of male action movie actors?This is a typical action crime drama with some martial arts action, I wouldn't describe this as a martial arts flick, there's not enough of that kind of action. Cyntha plays a psychologist with ESP who walks in on a gang who have broken into her house and killed her family and you can guess the rest. As all these movies are basically revenge movies so you also know the endings etc.What is different from her usual movies is that there are a few very famous faces in the mix. There is also a love interest and likening said quite a lot of nudity which was surprising.The action scenes are what you would expect from a US production of this calibre and they are neither too violent or gory.It's a passable Cynthia movie and typical for her at this stage of her career and she has developed into more talking and less fighting roles.If you are happy enough watching Segals latest movies you should have no problems with this. I'm sure her fans will be happy enough and looking at her IMDb page she seems to be working well into her 60s.An average US low budget martial arts flick but likely above average for her dedicated fans.
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