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Action | Drama
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24 fps
Thai 2.0  
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94 min
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5.1 / 10 
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Directors: Thanakorn Pongsuwan [Director] ,

Movie Description:
Tai, a young man arrested on a crime charge, is discharged thanks to his twin brother Tan's dogged help. After being set free, he finds Tan in a coma with severe injuries. Tan's girlfriend, Pang, tells Tai that his brother got involved in some risky business to raise money to fight Tai's case. Tai feels guilty that his problems brought his brother trouble. He then traces what happened to Tan, which ultimately leads him into illegal basketball gambling. Tai wants to find out who is behind this gambling and why his brother was beaten unconscious. He finally joins the "Fireball" team, a team which belongs to Hia Den and whose players include Singha, Kay, Ik, and Muek. In order to uncover the truth, Tai trades many things-possibly even his life.


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Loved it

This movie, at least for me, is awesome... The true embodiment of entertainment.The acting and the story are nothing outstanding, but the fights are fantastic, with fast pace, and very brutal.I don't care about depth, in movies... I'm not looking for a movie that makes me think... I'm just looking for something that entertains me, simple as that...And this is pure entertainment... I loved it

Wow—as in 'Wow, what a pile of crap!'

Tai (Preeti Barameeanat) is released from jail, all charges dropped, his brother Tan (also played by Barameeanat) having greased some palms with cash earned playing the violent street sport Fireball. After Tai arrives home to discover his brother in a coma, badly bruised and beaten, he enters the Fireball arena to try and find the person responsible, while earning some cash to pay for a much-needed operation.

Thai martial arts movie Fireball (AKA Muay Thai Dunk) revolves around an illegal tournament in which two teams of five men battle it out on a basketball court, maiming and killing their opponents while trying to score a single basket. As such, I wasn't expecting much in the way of a gripping (or logical) storyline—and I didn't get one. I was, however, expecting some decent fight scenes—a bit of bone crunching, adrenaline fuelled action, as the quote on the DVD cover promised—but I didn't get that either.

Director Thanakorn Pongsuwan seems to have gone out of his way to reduce every potentially exciting scene to an incomprehensible mess through the use of wobbly camera-work and rapid editing. There are several lengthy Fireball matches, but it is virtually impossible to work out who is punching or kicking who, making the film an extremely frustrating (and utterly boring) experience. In between the 'action', Pongsuwan pads out the running time with cloying emotional drama, but since I couldn't care less about any of his horribly clichéd characters, this did nothing to help improve my opinion of the film as a whole.

So bad it makes the barely above average Kung Fu Dunk (2008) look like a work of pure genius by comparison, I have no reservations in giving Fireball the lowest possible rating of 1/10.

Sounds like an awesome idea!! But executed badly.

The idea of integrating two of my favorite sports of martial arts and basket ball sounds like action heaven!! But this movie is poorly executed. The performers certainly do what they can, but no matter how their acting performances are or martial acrobatics. It just doesn't get off the ground to involve or genuinely excite you. The cinematography is all over the place, leaving you confused about who is who or simply feeling queasy from the all the shaking and spinning camera angles. The martial arts and acrobatics is nothing that you haven't seen before, even placed with the basketball skills and setting. Even the emotional subplots aren't enough to get you connected to the characters to care about what happens to them in the brutal "life and death" basket ball courts. Better to spend your time watching the other quality Thai action movies like Ong Bak, Chocolate, Raging Phoenix and Bangkok Knockout...
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