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Drama | Horror
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90 min
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4 / 10 
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Directors: Kai E. Bogatzki [Director] ,

Movie Description:
A serial killer targets women, at night, for murder.


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great realized low budget serial killer movie without sexualizing the victims

This movie is an outstanding example for what is possible although there's a lot of stones in the way and just a little budget. It starts with a high tension, no long, boring intro, you get soaked in immediately, right after that the pace slows down and the attentive viewer is able to collect easter eggs and details, which seem to be accidental, but believe me, everything you see in this movie is right where the filmmaker wants it to be. There's a big love for hidden details through the whole plot, a note that makes you want to rewatch after the first time.I was really surprised when I noticed that already 10 minutes of watching where gone before there's a full face shot of the main character, that concept of just showing parts works perfectly on every curious person. His name is told even later, shortly before the showdown.Now to the acting part. The main character, brought to life by Marc Engel, is portrayed with such a deep commitment and you can notice the transformation in every little gesture. To his murder victims Xavier has a sensitive and intense connection, the killing is a highly satisfying act for him, a horrifying combination of brutality and tenderness and completely different from his daily introverted behaviour. You also get shown by flashback sequences how he became that person he is now, a dive through his psyche. I loved the pov of Xavier, you never get to see himself. In this part it gets clear the team was limited by money and actors, there should have been a kid, in my opinion, but still they made the best out of it. Marc Engels acting is almost everytime on point and this is to mention because unfortunately he had no supportive co-actors besides the actress playing Karolina. Some of the cast playing the small parts where quite okay, but especially the ones with more lines were not helpful at all. You see lack of talent in speaking english properly as well as in acting skills. Luckily the main character is centre of action the whole time so you will get through the bad co-actors.What made me really happy to see was the fact that it is a movie by a male director, male main character and the topic is murdering women but there is no sexualised violence. The one boob shot is an already dead person, it could be a dolls body too, every other female shown is dressed or at least you won't see any private parts. So yes, it is possible to create a horror movie with a lot of beautiful females without making it a priority to abuse the actressess for your own pleasure.This movie sets visual priorities right. There are a lot of magic shots, beautiful captured pictures, the colours, the settings, the camera - all of that perfectly transports the atmosphere and gives you thrills. The viewer gets to taste the dirt, the blood and the sadness as well as he gets to feel the night, the pain and the excitement.I don't want to spoil the end here but let me say: This is sick! An ending you wouldn't expect, the pace increases and what happens happens, watch it by yourself.You may think why did I rate 10 out of 10? Well, what this crew was able to create with such a low budget is impressive. I try to see the whole circumstances here and with that I can just say: Give Kai E. Bogatzki and Marc Engel a big amount of money so we all get the pleasure to see what their creative minds will realize with no limitation left.

Independent Pearl!!!

An independent pearl.How does this film score? With mega effects and a huge budget? No. Through the incredible creativity of the director and his main character. It is a descent into the abyss of a sick and defiled brain and a lost demonic soul. In addition there are some incredible cameras Attitudes are setting new standards in the independent field. The whole thing is accompanied by a very successful score. It is definitely not a slaughter festival but some murders are incredibly brutal and definitely not for the faint-hearted. Immerse yourself in the dark world of Xavier and experience a demanding one Independent fireworks.

What a borefest

This had potential but with the mothers terrible acting and the movie not going anywhere it really was hard to watch to the end. It gets really boring watching this guy doing the same thing again and again.
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