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Drama | Romance
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117 min
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7.4 / 10 
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Directors: Cathy Garcia-Molina [Director] ,

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Story of couple Primo (Daniel Padilla) and George (Kathryn Bernardo) who are in a long-term relationship and are already building and planning their future together. Their love will be put to the test as their relationship faces hurdles - from misunderstandings to different career paths, among others. How will they save their "us"?


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For a Filipino Film I'll give it a score of 9/10It is one of the best RomComs in the Philippines ever!

But if you stack it against Hollywood movies. a score of 7/10 would suffice.

ActingLead Actors: 10/10, they portrayed it masterfully.Supporting Cast: 6/10, could have casted a better "Yohan", they gave him a lot of screentime and his portrayal is lacking. The cousin and friends of Primo needs more workshops. George's friends were the bright spots.

Story/DialogueThe plot is simple and direct to the point. It somewhat dragged when they went to Amsterdam. Dialogue was good 7/10

Direction/CinematographyCGM is one of the best when it comes to RomComs here in the Philippines. 9/10

As of Sept 7 it has 404M php gross, and its only been up for 10 days.

PS: To the other reviewees, please be fair, don't bring your Crab mentality here.

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Watched it 3 times and still can't get enough of it. Kathryn and Daniel are very natural and Kit Thompson is such a revelation. This is the best movie 2018 for me.


This is great movie, may matutunan ka talaga, and also this is the best of Kathryn Bernardo. You should watch it. Sulit ang bayad nyo. PROMiSe.
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