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87 min
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3.3 / 10 
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Directors: Ryan Simons [Director] ,

Movie Description:
A young woman returns to her father's country house in the moors following his mysterious death and finds a cursed amulet, connected to local witchcraft. She discovers the amulet has dark powers and will grant you your greatest wish, but in return, she unlocks two deadly demons, who haunt her.


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Avoid. Not recommended!

A promising story with potential is the only good thing about this movie. Clichés can still work of done cleverly and with a creative spin. That wasn't the case here. Terrible acting and annoying characters ruined this film.Feels like you wasted your time..

Another no.

British horror is an oxymoron. British films are mostly an oxymoron. And I'm British. British films seem to be centred on really bad language (we're not all like that, people) and broad accents - we're not all like that either. I hate the way we're portrayed in films - we don't all swear all the time and some of us are quite cultured. This film is ok with the portrayal of people. But they're boring. And the film is boring. The acting is boring. It's a complete nothingfest. Other reviews say it made them jump. When was that?? Avoid if you have to pay.There is no coherence. The actors are just 'meh'. Sorry to sound like a curmudgeon but am fed up paying for films on Amazon that are complete rubbish. I gave up on this twice: the first time at 30 minutes and the second at around one hour 15. Just don't bother.And now I've watched it all. Don't bother. It's dreadful and painful. Really, really painful.


Sigh. Yet another bad movie night has passed and this one is called Demon Eye. How do terrible movies grab you with their short little trailers? This is what happened with my wife and I last night. The trailer was creepy, scary, looked promising. Then we watched it. Oy. It's filmed overseas, England, probably. Overseas, small studio I've never heard of...unknown actors, by the way, is it a bad sign that NONE of the actors except for 1 has a pic on IMDB? I mean, not even the star of the movie has a pic. Wow. I've read some of the reviews and when I see people giving it a 9 and I even saw a 10. ..please believe that they were most likely paid to give such high marks, or that some of them are the producers of the film. I'm still confused with the ending, too. Point is, if you see this movie for rent, LOOK HARDER. There has to be something better out there. Peace.
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