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Directors: Jacob Hamilton [Director] ,

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Jump Shot uncovers the inspiring true story of Kenny Sailors, the proclaimed developer of the modern day jump shot in basketball. He defined the game, but only now is he ready to share his thoughts on why the game never defined him.


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Great documentary about a very interesting life story...

Kenny Sailors has lived a life worthy of more than one documentary. My only problem with this film really, is that it's too short. There is much more I wanted to know. The story of this man inventing a famous basketball move, and going on to champion women's basketball in schools is a fascinating and inspiring one.On top of that, Sailors is a funny and charismatic interviewee and gives a lot of memorable quotes. The editing is good, the pacing well done, and there are cute animated sections!

An Inspiring Tale On and Off the Court

"Take away the business, the media, the hype around the game. If you want to see pure love, look at Kenny." Kevin Durant's view of the subject of "Jump Shot" captures well the spirit of the documentary and the man at its center - a humble, unlikely star who saw basketball more as a means to connect with and help others than a path to fame.

Using artful and original story-telling techniques, director Jacob Hamilton and his team craft a powerful retelling of the story of one of basketball's most influential players who, until now, has been too often forgotten. Sailors is an easily-likable subject and his inspiring story goes far beyond the court, leaving the viewer fulfilled in more than just learning who introduced the jump shot. This documentary is one to cheer for.

Basketball History

Honestly enjoyed this film way more then I expected. As a basketball fan this film speaks volumes about the evolution of the game of basketball and how ones mans actions can change the world.
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