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71 years in the making, Inmate #1: The Rise of Danny Trejo is the feature documentary experience revealing the extraordinary life journey of Hollywood's most unlikely hero, Danny Trejo. From an early life of drugs, armed robbery and hard prison time, to the red carpets of Hollywood blockbusters and helping troubled addicts. Danny gives a first hand account of one of the greatest transformations of human character ever put to film. To this day, Danny continues to council recovering addicts and speak at state prisons. After 46 years of sobriety, he never forgets his roots and pays forward that which has been bestowed on him. Having spent 71 years starring in a personal expedition that outshines any Hollywood fiction, Inmate #1: The Rise of Danny Trejo, is the shocking story of one mans capacity to overcome his demons, only to discover redemption through the most unlikely of journeys. Through the exploration of his old stomping ground and the supporting cast of family, friends and some ...


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The true story of Danny Trejo

Danny Trejo is an extraordinary person coming from a very ordinary background and his story doesn't need embellishment, litle movie tricks to garner emotion or other crap like that. And that is why this little documentary is a decent one, not as in relatively good, but as in not disrespecting the viewer. It tells the story and that is it. It does have some people that kind of bring up their own opinions without actually having anything important to say, but they show their support for their friend, so it's OK.

In the film you learn how a Mexican gangbanger went to prison, got a break and never looked back. After more than 365 movies under his belt, Trejo keeps humble and helps other with drug addiction, going to prison to present his points and accepting almost every role thrown his way. I knew some of the story, but it is a great one to be told and I was happy to have seen this documentary. Trejo is 76 years old, still going strong and working as much as ever. Many people from Hollywood could learn from him.

Bottom line: See this old man, with an incredulous look on his face, talk about the life that should have ended him in his youth. He still can't get enough of life. A man to be admired and respected.


I like Danny as an actor,been in some great and not so great movies.Did I want to know bout his life?...No. Was it memorable? Absolutely not! Sorry

A beautiful masterpiece

What a story! The life of well known film star and hard man Danny Trejo is documented in this beautifully put together documentary.The story of his extraordinary life is told by the main man himself along with a really interesting group of family and friends.The story will have you in shock at some of the things he went through and done but in the end will leave truly uplifted and inspired.I can only conclude this by saying I absolutely loved it and didn't want it to end. I will watch this again and again.
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