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Directors: Marina Zenovich [Director] ,

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In 1977, Roman Polanski was arrested in Los Angeles on charges he gave drugs and had sex with a 13-year-old girl he was photographing for Vogue. Eleven months later, having pled guilty to one count, he fled to Europe before sentencing. This film examines that year-long period, using archival footage of the media frenzy and of Polanski's life before the charges, clips from his films, and contemporary interviews with many of the principles - attorneys, the victim, and Polanski's friends and associates. Polanski remains enigmatic, but portraits emerge of the machinations of justice and of a judge more interested in his image than his word or the law.


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Rough Subject; Great Documentary

A good documentary not only answers a lot of questions, but it also provides the viewers with questions they must wrestle with themselves. This film does that perfectly: it provides information we might not have known about a famous court case, but it also begs the viewer to ask questions themselves. Do you think Roman has paid his debt to society? Do you think he should be allowed to continue making movies? Or do you think Hollywood and other movie moguls have a responsibility to silence his voice? Does art have anything to do with the victims of the artist? And can we respect one and not the other? These are the sorts of questions this documentary raises. It might not be an incredibly happy topic, but its one that I think is important. If you're a fan of film, and you yourself have wrestled with appreciating art and not artists, then perhaps this film will open some doors. It's a fascinating film, even if the subject is a flawed person.For our full review of Roman Polanski: Wanted and Desired and hundreds of other reviews, articles, and podcast episodes visit us at True Myth Media!

pro-Roman but still interesting

There's no point arguing about this blight on the life of Roman Polanski. People's opinions are strong on both sides. He is a controversial figure and that will never change.

"Roman Polanski: Wanted and Desired" takes a biased look at the child molester case against the director. The interesting part is what went on behind the scenes with Judge Rittenband, the Judge ultimately removed from the case.

Frankly, if all of that is true, which I guess it is since the Judge was removed, I can't blame Roman Polanski for running. Even the District Attorney assigned to the case said the same thing.

The documentary points up the difference between the European and American cultures, and a psychiatrist who examined Polanski speaks of what may have caused his interest in young girls. I'm not sure if he still has such interests, but he has been married now for 24 years to actress Emmanuelle Seigner, and they have two children.

The victim was a very pretty young girl with show business ambitions. She developed into a lovely woman and went on to marry and have a family. She was interviewed and it was pretty obvious in this documentary that she's sick of the whole thing and people's opinions about it. She feels her mother was unjustly criticized for allowing her to spend time with Polanski.

I haven't walked in her shoes, which must have been pretty uncomfortable, so I am in no position to judge. I thankfully was never in her situation as a teenager, never went through schoolmates knowing what happened, never went through the European press publishing my name and having reporters looking for me. The fact that she went on to build a gratifying life is a remarkable achievement.

And I haven't walked in Polanski's shoes, also I'm sure very uncomfortable. I can't pretend to judge a man who lost his parents in a concentration camp and his wife and baby in a brutal, sadistic murder. I didn't have to put up with horrendous things being written about me and his wife in the press after the murders. That he has been able to make any contribution at all to his art form is remarkable.

So I don't come down on either side. As far as the documentary, I found what the attorneys had to say fascinating. If you have any interest in the law, you will find it interesting.

A rapist and a child molester on the loose

The guy repeatedly raped a 13-year-old girl and sodomized her. Roman will always be a rapist and a child molester first and a director second. This is what defines him as a human being and it's been defining him ever since he committed the rape. Obviously, we don't know if this was his first or last one. This women could've simply been the only one coming forward. It's absolutely abominable that a respectable Western European country would help him avoid prosecution. It only shows complete lack of class and moral values. What's next, giving serial killers political asylum? There are so many excellent artists who are also quality people and they never had the chance to become successful during their lifetimes. Child molesters belong in jail, not among quality humans.
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