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7.8 / 10 
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Directors: Anton Corbijn [Director] ,

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Across 2017/2018 Depeche Mode embarked on their Global Spirit Tour, in which they performed to more than 3 million fans at 115 shows across the globe. This new visually-striking film, directed by award-winning filmmaker and longtime artistic collaborator Anton Corbijn, captures the energy and spectacle of the band's performance from the tour along with a deeper look into how their music and shows have been woven into the fabric of their fans' lives. Through the deeply emotional stories of six special Depeche Mode fans, the film shows not only how and why the band's popularity and relevance has continued to grow over the course of their career, but provides a unique look into music's incredible power to build communities, enable people to overcome adversity, and create connections across the boundaries of language, location, gender, age, and circumstance. Artfully shot and expertly edited, Depeche Mode: SPIRITS in the Forest goes beyond the typical concert film, weaving together ...


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Sing Laugh & Cry - Fabulous Fan Documentary & Depeche Mode Music

One of the best and most moving documentaries of fans and the band they love I have ever seen. The six fans featured were from a group of over 350 lucky fans that Depeche Mode chose to host their facebook page during the 2017-2018 Global Spirit tour, and I was one of that group, so I could feel what these lucky six felt being chosen and getting to tell their story to the world. The film allows these fans to each show why they are so in love with the band, and with a lot of footage from the final Berlin concert of the Global Spirit tour, where they all were there together. Berlin has been the ultimate concert location in this band's history, and the clips will show you why, an amazing crowd of fans from around the world. You will find joy when Dicken shows his cover band DMK with his children, smile at the photographer and his brother who climbed a mountain to do a photograph like a DM video, sympathize with fans that had limited access to music; and showing these fans when they came together at the concert in Berlin, the most coveted tour location for fans in this band's history. A plus for me as I have talked with a few of these six for years at Home-A Depeche Mode Forum. This film is also a really good preview of the tour video of the band which will be released later on. Anton Corbijn has been doing video for Depeche Mode for a long time, and I felt this was his best work ever for them. For those fans of Depeche Mode, this will hit close to home, as it will bring out your own person feelings about their music and why it is so important in your life. For those new to this band, an excellent look into their music and what makes the fans "tick". As part of this world wide group of devotees, I can say DM fans are unique, they walk their own path; and this show in the stories of each fan. A few things to make you laugh, possibly a few moments of tears, and some really good music. Songs featured include Personal Jesus, Precious, Walking in My Shoes, Never Let Me Down Again, Where's the Revolution, Just Can't Get Enough, Cover Me, Enjoy the Silence and David Bowie's Heroes. I can remember what fun I had during my two days of talking to fans around the world in my facebook takeover in 2018 and getting to share my story, so I could feel that these 6 fans have 100 times more joy in their experience of being in the film, telling their story, and attending one of the best concerts ever for this band still going strong after over 30 years. Highly recommend this. And yes I was singing along with the songs too. Can't wait for the tour video later on.

The true pioneers of electronic music are Kings for a day on the big screen

Depeche Mode have triumphed as a band for nearly 40 years now. Devotees know who they are and so do many non-Devotees. Unfortunately there are way too many people who know music but have never even heard of Depeche Mode. Yet incredibly when I ask people who have never heard of DM if they've heard of Duran Duran, they usually answer yes right away, even though both bands spawned around the same time.

Well hopefully this documentary will give the band more recognition as one of the greatest bands of our era. The movie follows 6 very different fans from all parts of the world who all come together at Depeche Mode's final concert in Germany on their Global Spirit tour.

We get to see how these 6 fans' lives have been affected by the band and how Depeche Mode is not just a band to these and all of their fans but rather a lifestyle. No interviews are conducted with the band during this film, only truly amazing concert footage captured by one of the best, Anton Corbjn. We get to see DM perform some great songs "live" so if you're a DM fan and for whatever reason were unable to attend one of their concerts on this past tour, it's a must see for you.

For all fans who are not big on Depeche Mode but love another band or artist, you'll be able to relate to the deep love we as fans hold for the ones who bring joy to our lives with their music no matter who your favorite band or artist is. As for those of you who've never heard of Depeche Mode, you might just be shocked at your new discovery.

Overall I think the film was excellent. It wasn't too long. Many great songs were performed by the band, old & new. The stories of the 6 fans were very different & interesting (even powerful) as it shows the power Depeche Mode has had and their effect on people worldwide with lyrics to their songs having meaning (sometimes hidden) about not just love but politics, religion, corporate greed, friendship, suicide, etc. (the list goes on)

Depeche Mode is my favorite band of all time so I'm definitely bias when I say I think they're the greatest band of all time (of my time anyway), definitely the most underrated.

If you love music, ANY MUSIC, I highly recommend seeing Spirits in the Forest.

Great film!

When will it be on Netflix! Cant wait to see it again and buy on blu ray!
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