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111 min
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6.8 / 10 
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Directors: Dae-min Park [Director] ,

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The story takes place in occupied Korea at the start of the 20th century, where a young student in medicine discovers the murdered body of the son of a government official. Being scared of being accused, he decides to hire Hong Jin-ho (a detective) to help him find the murderer before the police accuse him of the murder.


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It's a well made film technically, but the story didn't captivate me. It's boring and not suspenseful at all. It also doesn't seem to quite know whether it wants to be a serious thriller or a stupid Hollywood-like action movie. It should have stuck to one of those. The plot tries to be serious, but then it gets carried away with over the top action scenes and pre-electronic James Bond/Q type of gadgets hand-made by a scientifically inclined rich lady, which is just unrealistic and reminds more of a computer game for teenagers. There is no depth to the story or the characters and those less serious elements cheapen it additionally.

Mediocre at best.

MIND-BLOWN , Rating of 7 is injustice. deserves 9+

I've been on a Korean movie spree recently , first The Memories of a Murder , then Mother, Old boy and Now This(which to me is the best) . The Plot is solid and éven with its 2+ hour length the Movie's pace doesn't drop for a minute. The characters and their actions/motives are Pretty well sketched out. The only thing I didn't really get completely was the equation between the detective and the scientist woman ,exactly what kind of historythey shared.

This is the director's first Movie, and looking at IMDb profile, I cant see any other movies credit to him in the near future.This kind of a movie deserves a Sequel , specially since the ending pointed towards one.

Not Holmes at all

It starts out more of a Raymond Chandler sort of story but grows more grave and deadly toward the end with more of a Dashiell Hammett feel. The private eye is smart but very proletarian much more a Philip Marlowe than anything else. The medical student is nothing like any Watson ever seen and while very enjoyable is wholly original. The scientific brains are provided by a mysterious woman, and I will let the film reveal who she may be. I found the whole of the film to be much more enjoyable than any of the new crop of Holmes movies and TV shows. The detective dose wear a straw fedora but if you want to see a real fedora you should watch 'The Thin Man', Nick Charles wears two fedoras, the grey is quite upper scale and black while showing a classic c crown appears older and beaten.
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